How to Avoid Dry Eyes

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Dry eyes can cause severe vision and health problems if left to persist.

There is much you can do to avoid dry eyes, including:


1.      Wear Sunglasses

One of the leading causes of dry eyes is constant wind blowing into your eyes. Outside, the air is full of dust and bacteria, which can make dry eyes worse.

If you want to avoid dry eyes, you should wear sunglasses outdoors as often as possible. They offer a layer of protection against wind and dust, which should help keep your eyes wet until you return indoors.

Go for wrap-around sunglasses that cover your entire eye rather than going for another type of sunglasses.

2.      Avoid Directly Blowing Air into Your Eyes

The air that causes dry eyes is not only to be found outdoors but also inside your house. Fans, hairdryers, and other devices all blow air towards your face and can seriously affect your eyes.

You should reduce the use of such devices in your home or switch them off completely if you don’t have to use them. The same goes for your car’s AC system.

3.      Avoid Smoke

Smoke is another element that is devastating to the moisture in your eyes. It ultimately erodes the water in your eyes, hence the difficulty in seeing when in a room full of smoke.

It would be best if you avoided all types of smoke at all costs. If you are a smoker, you should smoke outside or entirely quit the habit if you have dry eyes.

Even sitting by the fireplace may produce smoke that dries your eyes. You should wet your eyes with eye drops or wear protective eye gear if you cannot wholly avoid smoke.

4.      Take Breaks During Extended Tasks

You use your eyes more whenever you are engaged in a task that requires a significant level of concentration. Though you might blink, your eyes still need more moisture to work properly.

Therefore, if you are working for extended periods, be sure to take many breaks and let your eyes recover. During that period, you should blink as much as you can to restore your eyes’ moisture levels.

5.      Hydrate

Drinking water is essential to keeping your eyes wet and healthy. The tears in your tear ducts cannot be formed without having enough water in your body.

Therefore, you should consume at least eight glasses of water every day if you want healthy eyes. It helps that you get many other health benefits by keeping yourself hydrated.

6.      Keep Screens Below Eye Level

We live in a world full of devices with screens that hurt our eyes in a multitude of ways. If you have to use a screen such as a laptop or television, you should ensure that it is below eye level.

When you look up at something, you have to open your eyes more, which mean more moisture evaporates from your eyes. If you can, you should reduce your amount of screen time to avoid dry eyes.