How the Turning Radius Determine the Speed of the Car

While driving a car, turning the car while moving at a high speed at a certain direction might pose a set of problems. Learning how to take the turn would necessarily be counted as a part of good driving.

Turning while driving your car is dependent on some technical situations like the speed of the car, the traction formed between the ground and the tyres, condition of the road, tyres and finally the radius of the turn.

Here we would talk about how the turning radius determine the speed of the car.

What is Turning Angle

According to the Salinas Mazda dealership, the relationship between the turning of a car and its speed is a direct one. Taking a turn at high speed isn’t a big deal if the turn isn’t too sharp and if the traction formed between the road and the tyre is really strong,but not every time you can turn out to be that lucky. And when things are not smooth the risk factor increases with tighter turns on road especially during bad weather conditions.

Measuring the Turning Angle:

It is not that difficult to calculate the turning radius of your car when it is running at the lowest speed. But the calculation is important for a driver to know more about his car and in detail, as that is the only wayto take a tight turn easily without inviting trouble. With the knowledge of the estimated calculation he would be prepared in advance to take a safe turn.

So, if you are keen to know and calculate the turning radius of your car here are the necessary steps to follow.

  • Start by taking your car to an open ground to experiment under safe conditions.
  • Once you reach, make a prominent mark at the starting point of the rear tyres of your car.
  • Now start the engine and move forward with the slowest possible speed.
  • Start turning your steering wheel to the maximum angle possible either towards right or left and keep moving.
  • Continue the same way of turning the car till it arrives at a parallel position to the starting point from the direction you have spun the steering.
  • It is time to get off from the car and again make a mark from the two positions that have been obtained by the rear tyre of the car at the starting and stopping points of the car.
  • Once you get the measure and divide the length of the marked line by 2.
  • As shown by the Salinas Mazda dealer, this is how you get the turning radius of your car.

Summing Up

Now that you know how to calculate your turning radius, it might be giving you an extra length of confidence to take turns even if they aresharp. But to stay on the safer side, it is always recommended to lower the car speed before taking a turn, irrespective of it being a broad or sharp one. This would provide you with some time to take more control on your car and apply the brake in advance, if there is another vehicle coming from the opposite direction, without much space to crisscross each other.