How social media managers keep ahead of their competition

Recent trends in the social media web have shown some brilliant innovations which have changed how customers interact with brands online. Trends and ideas have their ups and downs and brands and companies are in a continual race to make use of all the new things that keep on popping up. Some ideas fail and some ideas make it to the top. Catching up with your competitors may not give you the best results if you are not fully prepared for the challenges to come. This means you shouldn’t jump on the bandwagon simply because others are doing so. Here are 6 tips to help you out that can help you move ahead of others.

Focus on the problem, not the tools

For quite a few people social media management is about making your presence felt on Facebook or Instagram. That’s the first thing that they come up with; “I want to be there on Facebook because my customers are there.”


Before you go for the tool think about the problem at hand, what exactly do you hope to achieve through your social media activities? Think more like an engineer and get to the heart of the problem rather than jumping straight to the tool. You have to make a bridge between your brand and your customers. So make the bridge first rather than going for the paint job first.

Keep it small

Keep the reach small for starters to make the most impact. Aiming for big things right in the start can make you falter. Huge projects mean more chances of making mistakes and failing right there. Start small and then move towards bigger goals later on. Test the space and see if it is the right thing for you or not.

Initiate a small campaign and check your performance while keeping within the deadline> any problems that may arise will be small and can be handled easily.


Keep on testing if you want to be among the best. If you have a look at the major web players the only thing that keeps them up on top is continual development which means testing over and over again to see what is best.

Keep it simple

Keep your campaigns imply. Complex does not mean people will be more engaged, it just might be that they will leave simply because they are overwhelmed. Keep them engaged by making everything so simple that they do not face any difficulties.

Keep everyone in the loop

Keep all your departments up to date about your activities. Keep the activities synchronized so that your customers do not have problems. Inform other departments about the why’s of the campaign to gain their trust and faith.

Bottom Line:

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