How Significant Are Google Reviews For A Business

A newly rolled out feature of Google “Google Reviews” enables users to provide reviews on the Google Map listing. It is the primary source of contact that connects a business to its customers. The best part of Google reviews is that it works for all type of businesses irrespective of their type and size. Google reviews serve as an initial deciding factor for online businesses. As Google reviews are more favored by the search engine, if your business wishes to enjoy a good presence on search engine, then the best place to begin is by getting more authentic Google reviews.

How Google Reviews influences a business?

Google review or customer review on Google for a business is the first thing that buyers see when they search for any business category on Google Maps or Google. It has been seen that positive reviews offer immense boost to the rate of conversion than any other SEO effort.

When it comes to comparing one business over another, Google query comes as a winner. It provides reviews and positive ratings that helps a business to establish itself over others and customers to make the right buying decision.

To get Google reviews is immensely helpful for small businesses, as it brings the benefit of social evidence that helps in increasing or decreasing the level of trust based on feedback from people with similar requirements. Nearly 85% of consumers rely online feedback as much as they value personal recommendations.

Google Reviews For A Business

Tips to reap the benefit of Google reviews in your business

Verify your business on Google

To start with Google reviews, you need to verify your business on Google. To do this, you would need your business’s Google+ page. Search engine favors verified businesses. Due to which you need to perform this mandatory step by confirming the information Google has via phone. Google review link generator is an easy way for a business to obtain Google reviews.

Ask your customers

For businesses, Google reviews act as the best direct channels to receive genuine customer feedback. Unluckily, negative experiences have more impact on people than positive experiences.

Respond to existing positive and negative reviews

Responding to reviews is equally important as making efforts to obtain it. Once you have successfully verified your business, you would then encourage your customers to write feedback or review about your product and services. Users of Hootsuite application have a choice of installing free applications like “ReviewInc” or “Reputology” to set up a stream of reviews in the dashboard. Examine all reviews that are coming via Google, and respond to each one of them, including the negative ones.

Google page promotion on other social channels

Social media serves as a huge potential to assist your business. Once your business is verified, let your audiences present on other social networks learn about it.


Google reviews have been an underrated marketing technique few years back. Slowly many businesses have understood the potential of this affordable and effective technique. All these tips would definitely help in reaping the rewards from this technique in their business.