How Old Windows and Doors Can Make Your Property Cold and Draughty

The recent drop in temperature and snowfall in some parts of the country mean winter has really settled in, and your house may well be feeling quite a bit colder as a result. Perhaps you feel your boiler is not operating as well as it should be and therefore not heating your house efficiently, or you can feel a draught when your doors and windows are closed. Not particularly comfortable and definitely more than a little costly with regards to your energy bills.

Why Is My Home Feeling So Much Colder?

The most common reason for your home feeling chillier is your windows. Your windows when efficient offer excellent insulation, but as they start to age they are the first place you will lose heat from, which cools your property much faster once the heating is turned off. Windows are exposed to the elements daily and therefore suffer wear and tear after a time – perhaps if your windows are older then they never were energy-efficient to start with. Government advice tells us that a substantial 18% of heat in a house is lost through the windows, which means ensuring they are in good condition is important.

If you consider this winter feels chillier than previous year, it might not be the weather at all. Your windows may be permitting in a cold, intolerable draft, overcastting the temperature throughout your home. Draft windows are usual issues that can happen over time as weather plundering and seals and become worn out. Sometimes, the issue lies with the windows themselves. Old windows don’t have the encasing capabilities of newer glass. Window replacement could be the main to a hot, energy-efficient home this winter.

What Can I Do to Prevent Heat Loss from My Windows?

There are two main options to prevent heat loss from your windows. The first is replacement of windows, particularly if they are old. Newer windows can sometimes suffer damage and require repair. When considering windows Dublin has a number of specialists who can assist with your every need. When considering replacement of your windows, a specialist such as can assist with an assessment of your windows and doors to help you choose the best way to progress to have a warm home again.

Is There Anything Else That Contributes to a Cold House?

Doors are another major factor in a cold house; in a similar way to windows, you may find your doors are damaged, old or simply lacking in efficiency. The material of the door also makes a difference to the efficiency of it: wood naturally swells in the heat and shrinks in the cold, so a wooden door can shrink, creating gaps that allow heat to escape. It may be cost-effective to replace windows and doors simultaneously.

You may discover that new windows could hold your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, as well as energise the worth of your home, hold the creatures out, stop the drafts, and make better the security. This year, offer your home the gift it requires. Spend in new windows.