How much is a mommy makeover in Houston?

Pregnancy is not a fun experience. Sure, giving birth to that bundle of joy is life-altering but the toll taken by the female body is pretty rough. Many Moms are not happy with the physical changes childbirth can cause, which is why a procedure known as Mommy Makeover has gained popularity. Mommy Makeover is just as its moniker implies, it is a series of surgical enhancements that restore a Mother’s body back to its pre-pregnancy form. Each procedure is designed to combat a physical alteration caused by childbirth.

Excess Skin

Post-childbirth can leave a Mommy with loose abdominal skin. This skin is a leftover effect from the stretching of their muscles and skin gained in supporting their child. Such loose skin is not easy to get rid of. In fact, it is near impossible to correct without help. A tummy tuck can fix this problem and tighten up loose skin. The result is a firm, flat abdomen. Some plastic surgeons also use skin tightening and lifting techniques to firm up the areas of the abdomen stretched out by pregnancy. The procedure not only firms up the abdomen but helps strengthen the abdominal muscles back to original compression.

Excess Fat

Another side effect of pregnancy is weight gain. Mommies will put on pounds while supporting their developing baby. Post-pregnancy often leaves excess fat accumulations along the thighs, hips, and waist. All the fun places women love to see excess fat accumulate. Although a lot of this weight can be worked off with basic exercise, many women find it very difficult to do so. This is either because they are chasing their young one around, or because such weight can be very difficult to shed. This is why part of a Mommy Makeover may include liposuction. Plastic surgeons will use liposuction to get rid of excess fat along the waist, thighs, and hips. The procedure also includes skin tightening measures to restore all areas to their pre-pregnancy form.

Sagging Breasts

Sagging breasts do not come from the pregnancy itself but its aftermath. In truth, pregnancy does wonders for the breasts as they enlarge to hold milk. The problem is that once the baby begins breastfeeding the situation changes. Breastfeeding does wonders for a baby but is not nice to the breasts providing the milk. Often times the breasts are left sagging and small. They may not remain this way but most are never able to retain their original condition on their own. This is why breast augmentation is part of a Mommy Makeover. Using procedures like breast lifts, implants, and in some cases reduction surgeons restore breasts to their original condition. In many cases, they end up looking better than they did before.


Mommy Makeovers vary in their overall cost because the Mothers that use them often need different procedures done. Although there are plenty of cases where all three types of procedures are performed there are many cases where only one or two are needed. For instance, a Mommy may only require breast augmentation. In such cases, the procedure will cost less. Other factors are the type of procedure. A Mommy may not need implants for their augmentation and just require a lift. They may only need a reduction. In such cases, the price would be further affected.

Houston plastic surgery averages between $9,000 to $20,000 dollars. This is because prices are also affected by geography. Splitting these numbers up if a Mommy living in Houston goes for a specific Mommy Makeover they will most likely spend around $8,000 for breast augmentation. Breast procedures are the most expensive. A tummy tuck or other skin tightening procedure will cost around $7,000, and liposuction costs around $5,000.