How Much Does Network Monitoring Software Cost?

Nowadays, the most important asset of the company is its networking tool. Either the company is in E-commerce businesses or in trading concern; the common core objective is its network by which they remain connected with their staff and clients. A healthy network can save thousands and could earn millions for your business. A good network will connect you with your staff and simultaneously with your customers and by sitting in your main office; you can monitor all of your business activities.

It’s also important to monitor what your staff is doing while on duty. Are they responding properly to your clients for whatever they have been asked to provide or just finishing their duty hours at work? This question is one of the most important questions that every business owner would ask from his management when profits are below budgets. How to counter, this was a problem in olden times but now employee network monitoring tool is available for businesses that are equally beneficial for both single and multi-location branch companies.

If we are going with the traditional networking solution to monitor your staff, it would cost you high and may not pull out desired results for you. For example if you are going to have a small setup of twenty-five systems only you have to pay for a server, cost of program to be used by your IT team, minimum of three staff members for maintenance of the network, cloud solution if it’s for multi-location, strong LAN network if within the same premises and many more. The bottom line of all these expenses will result in approx. 1,400 USD and might be a reason for failure for this plan.

Now let’s discuss the alternative which would cost you as little as USD 390 for a year depending upon the functions you are going to acquire and systems you are going to monitor through these solutions. This cost is estimated for a small company that would definitely save more than its yearly cost in a month through effective controlling. You as management would remain in super control to see what’s going around you in your company. Protective and proactive decisions can be taken based on the finding from this monitoring software.

Connectivity and support is the prime feature of this solution that would save your time from unwanted interruptions. The company won’t lose its access to important data which could be required by your customer in a real-time manner. Also, your customer would enjoy steady connectivity with your representatives across the world. The objectivity of this solution is to minimize network downtime before it happens and you can keep an eye over the system by creating necessary alerts when it moves to a risky level from the safety zone.

An impressive control over the network would generate desired results for your business and it’s just a call away from you. Further delay can take you away from your budgeted profits and would result in the weak performance of the company and this can be controlled through employee monitoring software.