How Hotel Booking Engine Helps in Direct Booking

A hotel booking engine is one of the most important sources that a hotelier should pay attention. The benefits of hotel booking engine are to allow reservations through the hotel’s own website and collect online payment through the payment gateway.

Djubo Booking engine is the best option that is integrated with a hotel centralized reservation system and channel manager and ensures that Booking engine inventory stays updated and any bookings from your Booking engine gets updated across to other online portals, without any manual intervention. Hoteliers can maximize revenue, increased direct bookings and reduced OTA’s commission with an integrated online booking system.

A good website should have a hotel booking engine as it plays a very vital role in increasing its direct booking and it gives security to the guest which can be said as “book secures through booking engine”. As there are few points which have to be considered before opting for a particular booking engine and good website.

Fast Loading Experience:

A good booking engine should have a smooth loading and transition experience as many booking engines have a frenzy graphic design or movable pictures which slow down the loading time and gives a bad experience to the guest. 

Clearly Visible Widget:

There are too many companies to provide you with booking engine solution so the first point is to see the widget design as some have a single line widget in the middle or top of your website page which sometimes misses the eyes of the guest which results in loss of revenue as in that even if the booking comes to you routed through some OTA the property ends up paying a hefty commission to the OTA which can be saved if the booking comes to you directly. Thus, it is most important that one should have clearly visible booking engine widget.

Clearly Distinctive Information:

A good booking engine should have all the information under various heads which can be clearly distinguished by the guest and provides a better understanding as there should be various heads for room specification, amenities, inclusion etc. As mostly cloud-based company providing booking engine solution has a pre-design layout and some are non-configurable. Thus one has to check the information display design carefully before selecting a booking engine.

Pictorial Representation:

A booking engine should be able to support high-resolution pictorial representation which enables to showcase the exact standard of the rooms and other areas and also avoids any kind of misconception in the minds of guest and results in better stay experience.

Easy to Use and Navigate:

A good booking engine should have a user-friendly interface so the guest should not find any difficulty to select his option and to navigate or proceed to the next steps as some booking engine has a very complex user interface due to which many times the guest give up in the middle and starts looking for other option to a book which defeats the entire purpose of having a direct book mechanism on your website.

Secure Payment Gateway:

The most important part in booking engine is having a good and secure payment gateway engine Can be easily linked up with your account and have better security against prevailing cyber threats to carry out the transaction in a secure way so one can have the peace of secure booking through the booking engine. Djubo booking engine is the best software application being used to secure online booking.