How Does Nerve Block Procedure Work?

A nerve block injection is a less invasive procedure that involves an injection of drugs or steroids to treat chronic pain in patients. It places medicine directly to specific nerve roots or endings where there is pressure or inflammation. Hui Kang, MD, specializes in nerve block in Houston in managing different types of pain.

What to expect during the treatment

A nerve block is a painless procedure that takes approximately thirty minutes, here is the insight on what to expect. 

Before you check into the clinic for the treatment, it is important not to eat anything a few hours before the procedure.

During the procedure, you will be asked to lie on your stomach. The doctor begins by disinfecting the neck area and places a sterile drape on top. Then, he administers local anesthesia at the intended injection site.

The doctor uses fluoroscopy or an X-ray and contrast dye to verify the exact position in the nerves for the injection. Hui Kang, MD, will access the nerves by directing the needle to the facet joint. It is here where the inflamed nerve endings are located and the roots branch off from the spinal cord to form a network.

After positioning the needle, he then injects the steroids comprising a cortisone solution. Hui Kang, MD, will then remove the needle and covers the injection area with a bandage.

After the procedure, your doctor will take you to the recovery room for observation. 

Why a cortisone injection solution is ideal for a nerve block

A cortisone shot is useful in treating inflammation in a specific area, such as tendons and joints. Also, it can treat widespread inflammation because of rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and allergies. The effects of the injection can last for many months.

Who is the right candidate for a nerve block injection?

A nerve block is suitable for people suffering from chronic pain. Normally, the pain occurs due to the narrow spinal canal in your neck or back or a herniated disc. Sometimes, you will also feel pain in the legs and arms.

If there is a possibility that you have an underlying condition, it is important to communicate with your specialist before the procedure.

How much time does a nerve block procedure take?

The procedure can last between ten and twenty minutes to allow for fluoroscopy or x-ray guidance and injection with a steroid. You can walk in and out after the treatment, however, your doctor will put you in a recovery room for close monitoring. It can last up to one hour, depending on the side effects.

Side effects after the procedure

Some people describe the experience as similar to an electric shock when the doctor injects the steroids into the epidural space. However, it is vital to tell your doctor how you feel.

Although the procedure is painless, some people report certain complications or side effects. You may experience a little pain in the injection area or dizziness. That is why the doctor puts you in the observation room after the procedure.   

Other complications may include numbness in the legs and back because of the anesthesia. Luckily, this resolves quickly and no cause to worry.

A nerve block procedure is vital in relieving pain in your neck or back for many months. Contact Houston pain specialists to book a session.