How do you get a red light ticket dismissed?

There are a lot of people who have already been in this situation. They speed up in order to beat the traffic light because it will help reduce their waiting time. Some people do it because they are running late and they have hoped to get away with it. In a few seconds, they start to see red and blue lights. They have no choice but to pull over. Have you experienced this situation too? If yes, then you know that getting your red light ticket dismissed would take some effort not only on your part but also your chosen los angeles traffic attorney.

Check Your Driving Record

This is one of the first things that you have to do. You need to check your driving record first to see if you have the right to fight for your red light ticket. If you have received other traffic violations in the past five years, it will be harder to fight. The only way that you might be able to get your traffic ticket dismissed is if the police officer who made the gave the ticket does not arrive in time for the hearing in court. Acquire your driving record ahead of time because you would need it.

Understand as Much as You Can About Traffic Codes

What is your reason why you want to fight your traffic ticket? Is it because you cannot afford to get another ticket or because you know that you did not do anything wrong? If you are already in the middle of the intersection when the yellow light turns to red, you cannot just stop or you will cause traffic from the other lanes. You should move forward and it will not be considered a violation. You can let your traffic attorney know about this. It will increase your chance of fighting off your traffic ticket.

Go to Court

A lot of people will not understand this option. They know that they have not done anything wrong so why do they have to get to court? You need to go in order to prove that you are a usually careful driver who has made a single mistake. The violation is considered to be a minor one as long as you did not pose as a threat to anybody else. If in case you have caused an accident because of going through a red light, your case becomes harder to fight.

If you have a simple case of beating the red light, you can do the following:

  • You can talk to the prosecutor even before the hearing begins. Plead your case and it may be enough to have your ticket dismissed even before the court hearing starts. Having an attorney with you will help.
  • Check if the officer who gave you your ticket is present.

Just in case you get a traffic ticket because of the traffic ticket camera, you have to know that this is harder to fight. Even a santa ana dui lawyer will think that it is complicated to fight the pictures that will come with a camera traffic ticket. If you feel that you are right, fight for it. Who knows, you just might get your ticket dismissed.