How Can A Proxy Browser Change The Way You Surf Internet?

A proxy browser is a special web browser that uses a proxy server to process the request to access any website. A proxy server is a virtual server between the server where the website is stored and the computer of the user. It uses a different IP address that the actual IP address of the computer user and hence, one can access internet anonymously. It helps a user to stop the websites from tracing his computer and collecting unnecessary data without permission. SimiiboProxy Browser is an advanced web browser where every new tab you open in it, it will act as a new proxy server. Hence, for every tab in the browser, you will be considered to be a different user by the website.

Advantages OfSimiiboProxy Browser –

It might look like a proxy server is for malicious people who do not want websites to trace their activities. But in real life, it is highly useful, and general web users are using it to their advantages.

Safety and Security – Since an intermediate proxy server is used for every website you open in a new tab, every website and the data or file sent is checked before sending it to your computer. The chances of malware attack and stealing personal data go down massively as no website can access your computer directly.

Multiple Accounts – If you are a social media manager, you have to handle multiple user accounts for any particular social networking site. With Simiibo web browsers, you can open different user accounts for the same website in different tabs. It will make your job very easy and helps in multitasking. In other words, you can open multiple accounts for any site like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, from the same web browser window in different tabs.

User Agents – If you open the same website on multiple browsers, the website server will think that you are a completely different user accessing from another device and hence, you can change your referrer for each tab and get your desired job done easily.

Apart from these three main benefits, a proxy server helps you to speed up your internet surfing as required resources are taken in the cache of the virtual server, and when you request to open the same website, your request is processed quickly and served immediately. Furthermore, when you are doing any online monetary transaction, you will not want your data and card details to be traced back, and a Proxy Browser is tailor-made to serve the purpose.