Home Windows That Provide the Most Security

The top priority for homeowners considering the installation of windows in their home is security.

They can be a vulnerable and attractive point of ingress for intruders for a number of reasons. They contain glass which can be easy to shatter. However, most burglars will try to avoid that option as it can attract a lot of unwanted attention.

Most savvy thieves and prowlers will try to simply open the window so they may slip in and out undetected and unhindered in their nefarious pursuits.

That’s why you need to put some thought into the type of window you select with respect to security benefits and deterrent factors. So we at Renewal by Andersen Window Replacement want to give you some information on the most common choices that homeowners just like you typically choose to safeguard their families and belongings from outsiders with secure windows.

Casement Windows

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This option is very popular for reliable security in that they may only be opened or closed using a hand crank within the home. The way they work is pretty straightforward, you turn the crank and a pane swings out on a gear system.

The window can be opened and closed as wide or narrow as you wish and they are typically installed in areas of the home that present a limited amount of space.

There are two very good reasons why casement windows are the most secure. The first is that these windows cannot be opened from the exterior of the home because the crank is not accessible. The gears also make it difficult to pry the window open from the outside.

The second is that many of these windows are shaped in odd dimensions that make it tough for a human to slip inside should they somehow manage to get the window ajar.

But it’s important to make sure that your casement windows are installed properly and they operate correctly. Otherwise, you could be leaving gaps in your sash inviting intruders to take advantage of these weaknesses.

Double Hung Windows

The advantage of having double hung windows is that they are operated with two sashes. Open one and leave the other closed, when you want fresh air but don’t want a small child in danger of falling out.

But the security measures go further than keeping a child inside, it can also keep intruders out. A single lock prevents both sashes from being opened and some of the newer models offer additional preventive hardware to hold the lower sash firmly in place.

Sliding Windows

These windows are defined by a single sash that slides open and closed on a track. Many homeowners choose this option because they provide wide views of the outdoors around the home.

Sliding windows are secured by a single interior cam action lock and they may also be further secured by placing a bar or stick between the frame and sash to prevent the window from being slid open by anyone on the outside. This dual security should provide peace of mind at all times.