Home away from home takes on a new meaning

Gone are the days of expensive holidays in exotic lands which are only the privilege of the wealthy and well-endowed few. Or of the idle rich. Today, holidaying in another part of the world is that much closer to every single person who has a little money to spare. Once the process of travelling overseas meant boarding a ship where you were at sea for days, and sometimes weeks before you reached your destination. But today, travelling overseas is limited to a few hours wasted at an airport, and then a comparatively cheap flight of a further few hours. It’s that easy today to arrive at the other end of the planet.

Yes indeed, globetrotting is now much more convenient than it once was. With the explosion of the Internet, finding places to stay is only as far as a few clicks on a mouse button. The elimination of the proverbial middleman means further reductions of expenses.

Le Meridien Cyberport, Hong Kong

With lengthy summers to enjoy in countries such as beautiful Australia, the need for affordable, safe and convenient accommodation becomes a necessity. The concept of leasing out a place to stay for a duration of more than a year is nothing new. People hire houses, flats, units, annexes, apartments and even suites in hotel rooms for long durations of time takingan almost owning one’s own place. But what if this could be done for duration of a long holiday? Now wouldn’t that be handy?

Short term rentals in Fremantle are fast becoming a popular alternative to lodging in expensive hotels in the holiday destination of your choice. They come in a mind boggling variety of sizes, numbers of rooms with attached or common bathrooms, and can be found in almost any location. However, two main constants will always be that they offer affordable rates, especially depending on how long you hope to occupy such unit/s, and that they will always come furnished, with at the very least the basic amenities that make a house a home. The principal appliances such as a refrigerator, a microwave oven, air conditioners or fans, television and DVD players will be there, just as they are in your own house.

Short term rentalsare also gaining traction with students who chose to be on study or work placements for a few months at a time. And for other purposes such as being close to a hospital or hospice where a near or dear one is warded for an extended duration of time requiring a lengthy stretch of therapy. Such units are also great when you are in the transition period of shifting your permanent residence from one location to another.

A place that you can retire to, night after night, without feeling as though you are living in an artificial space, at an affordable rate is the new method of temporary relocation that is taking the world by storm.