Holistic Tooth Extraction to Give You Peace of Mind

Tooth extraction is often a scary process that affects your mental well-being. Usually, you dream of a gentle technique that considers you as a person and not one that will take a toll on you. Have your South Elgin dentist perform a procedure that puts your dental desires into consideration. You will receive a better environment to solve the problem to ease any anxiety you may have.

How can a tooth extraction benefit your dental health?

Removing your teeth is not something to desire, as you need them to chew and for aesthetic value in your mouth. However, different circumstances can arise, giving you little reason to remain with a tooth. Such circumstances include:

  • Your teeth crowding in the mouth reducing their efficiency
  • Severe tooth decay
  • Trauma to your teeth from fracturing
  • Advanced periodontal issues that influence your oral health
  • An infection in the roots that your dentist has little control over

A point to note is that Pro Dental Care considers all other options before deciding to remove your teeth.

What do you expect during a tooth extraction procedure?

Pro Dental Care has years of experience in the procedure and you have little reason to worry. Your doctor will begin the procedure with a numbing technique to help you calm down. Other options to calm your nerves also exist, and your doctor may employ them when you highlight elevated levels of anxiety.

Your doctor will then use forceps and hold down the tooth that is troubling you. Pro Dental Care uses many techniques to make sure the targeted tooth is out of place. Your dentist can achieve this by opening some parts of your gums and plucking out the tooth with its roots intact. The nature of your tooth will point your doctor to the correct technique. For instance, when your tooth cannot come out in whole, your doctor can remove it in small bits.

You will also receive gauze pads to help you limit the amount of blood loss after tooth extraction.

What do you expect after a tooth extraction procedure?

Usually, after an extraction, you will notice a huge hole with tender gums. Your doctor will provide you with various ways to care for the socket and even prescribe some medications to help you heal much faster.

Do you need a bone grafting procedure after an extraction?

You do not necessarily need grafting techniques as default after tooth removal, but you can consider it when you want an implant in the future. Grafting involves transferring tissues from one part of your body to the other to help maintain your jawbone for future implants. Your doctor will advise on whether you need the procedure and when you will have one following your consent. With a grafting technique in place, you will have the power to get an implant later without another grafting technique.

Have a redefined tooth extraction procedure that puts focus on your state of mind. Also, benefit from additional procedures such as grafting from Pro Dental Care for future implant considerations. Start your journey to better oral health with a phone call to the center or make an online appointment.