Helpful Tips in Removing Pet Stains and Odor from Your Carpets At Home

Dogs have a fantastic effect on their owners’ life. They do become not only their protector but also a friend and family. But if you have a pet at home, you know how difficult it is to deal with pet stains and odours on your carpet. And like other pet owners, they know that accidents happen all the time. Some of our furry friends will occasionally slip and urinate on the carpet.

Removing urine odour and stain from your carpets should not be that difficult. You won’t even need a professional cleaner to do it for you. Here are some proven methods for cleaning up the stains on your carpet:

Neutralize Pet Urine Odor

Neutralizing the pet odour can be done without the need of any store-bought chemicals. You can even make your concoction for this trick. All you need is to create a vinegar cleaning solution. Once you have the ingredients, mix one-part white vinegar to one-part water. The vinegar can help neutralize the ammonia smell of the pet urine without affecting your carpet.

pet cleaning products

Using Commercial Pet Stain Remover

If you are not happy with the results of the vinegar cleaning solution, another way is to trust commercial pet cleaning products. There are now plenty to choose from online. Still, it would be best if you consider plant-powered pet cleaning products like the ones available at Good Scruff. You have to remember that some products work better than others, so choose wisely. And for you to protect your carpets, you have to choose one that is gentle but effective in removing stains and odours at the same time.

The Good Scruff pet odour and stain remover products are handy. They have plenty of products for you to choose from. And unlike the other strong products that you can find in the market, this product has no added chemicals and ingredients that can damage your carpet. It works fast in removing pet stains and odours brought by your pets’ paws, or even the most severe messes on your carpet. The Good Scruff stain and odour remover are safe to use on rugs, upholstery, clothing, carpets, and other water-safe surfaces.

Hire a Carpet Cleaner

If all efforts fail, then the only solution is to hire a professional carpet cleaner to help you successfully remove the pet urine odour and stains from your carpet. Some carpet odours cannot be easily removed. And if there already stains that are stubborn even with commercial pet stain removers. In this case, you have to solicit the help from professional carpet cleaners. They have experts with a wide range of machines and products that can efficiently remove the stain and odours, and thoroughly clean your carpet.

With these tips, you can stop worrying about your carpet stains. You can let your pets lounge in your carpets without thinking about the stains and odour that may affect your carpet. Let these tips help you find which solution works best for you.