Handy Hacks For Moving Back In With The Folks As An Adult

If you’re having to move back in with your parents as an adult, these handy hacks will help make things easier on you and your parents.

Moving back in with your parents? Maybe your travel plans were cancelled, you’ve been unwell or times are hard and you need somewhere to stay for free. Either way, it’s a less than ideal situation to face as an adult, although one that more adults than you might realise go through.

It doesn’t have to be as challenging as you might think though, there are ways to make things easier for you and your parents, such as these handy hacks:

Know When You Can Move Out Again

Before you move back home, try to agree on a general date or event that happens that means you move back out. You save  a certain amount of money or, you get a new job and keep it for a few months – whatever suits your needs. Knowing the expected date you can move out will help everyone remember this situation is not permanent.

Have Some Agreed Rules

Sit down together for a relaxed chat to agree to some ground rules on both sides. Perhaps you agree to clean up after yourself, to discuss if you’re having guests and to let them know if you plan to come home really late. Perhaps they agree to knocking on your door before coming in, they don’t intrude on common spaces if you’ve all agreed you can use them for guests one night, and they don’t go in your room when you’re not in. Agreed rules give everyone a structure to stick to during this time.

Try Not To Spread Out

Your parents are used to having their home the way they like it. Of course you are welcome but, the less they feel impacted by your stay the better. To help keep your things to your room only, why not rent a self storage unit for your things? A cheap self storage company can provide you with the space to keep most of your things until you have your own space to keep them in again.

Don’t Be Lazy

Even if you don’t earn any money, you can still earn your keep at home. Cleaning without being asked, cooking meals for the family, walking the dogs and other handy acts will really help your parents feel they aren’t just being mooched off. As soon as you get money, agree to an amount you can pay per week to your parents towards household bills.

Don’t Expect It To Be Happy Families All The Time

Moving back in with your parents as an adult is hard, really hard. Don’t expect it to be happy all the time because that’s not realistic. Your parents will get annoyed by you, and you will get annoyed by them. The best you can all do is talk things out and be as gentle as possible with each other.

Moving back in with your folks isn’t the best thing in the world but it’s not the worst thing in the world either. It’s an option not everybody has so it’s important to stay grateful and stay focused on the future. This is a temporary situation, and soon enough you will be moving into your own space again, regaining your independence.