Guidelines for patent registration and searching patent agents

Patent or copyright is a license given to protect your invention from being copied by others. If your invention has a patent, then no one can make your invention or sell your invention. If you are in Canada, then the Canada patent agents can help you and guide you with things related to patent.

Canadian patent agents are registered by Canadian intellectual property office (CIPO). They help the applicants in getting patent grants and trademarks.  They can help you and guide you to protect your intellectual property (invention) by seeking it before Canadian intellectual property office (CIPO). For brief guidelines on patent registration and searching patent agents, please read this article or browse our website now.

Patents are important because it helps the person with brand new innovations to get some benefit. Before getting into the patent process, you should see if your work or invention can be patented. If the work can be patented then you should search for domestic patents and foreign patents to avoid the chances of cloning or duplication.

Duration of patent registration:

One time registration gives you 15 years of protection. Once the registration expires, you can always renew it and extend the time.

If you are looking for an agent in Canada who can help in protecting your interests or invention, then Canadian patent agency can help you. Normally the time taken for complete the registration is between 12 to 18 months. But you get protection from the time you apply for patent. Agencies will help in preparing necessary documents and file them on your behalf.

Requirements to get a patent:

For the invention to be patented:

  • it has to be original
  • it should be the thing which is eligible for patent
  • non obviousness and
  • useful in industrial application

For your invention to be patentable, it should be original and creative. The application should suggest the originality of the invention. This is done to protect your invention or work from being cloned. Originality requirement is necessary to have a proof of ownership on your invention. Originality will not be lost if the inventor discloses his work within a year and the work should pass certain level of originality in order to be patented. Canadian patent agency will help you in patent clearance searches for the products you invented.

Utility patent: it is a type of patent that applies to new or improved work or invention.

Industrial application patent: this patent can be given if the work/ invention can be used in some kind of industry. Hence the requirement is to have practical application.

Canada patent agents provide services like filing and prosecuting patent application and trademark application. They are experience in providing this service. In Canada, only the registered patent agents are allowed to represent before Canadian Patent Office and Trade-marks Offices. Patent agencies in Canada have a vast experience working with corporate and foreign intellectual property associates. They guide you with patent related laws at a lower fee.