Guide To Drone Photography: Do’s and Dont’s

Drones are a fantastic piece of equipment that let you take stunning aerial photos. As any keen photographer will know, drones are the next big thing, and it can be exciting to get your hands on one and begin to test out an entirely new type of photography.

But before you head out, make sure that you read up on our list of do’s and don’t’s when it comes to drone photography. Safety is really important, and there are lots of issues around drones that any responsible drone owner should know. And if you’re looking to take some great aerial shots but aren’t sure you want to invest in a drone, you could always hire a professional drone expect, such as Flying Robot, who will be able to help you.

Do: Be careful where you fly

There are many local laws and legislations in place about where you can and can’t fly, so make sure that before you take your drone that you’re aware of what your local area says. A general rule is to not fly over anyone’s private properties or in residential areas (you’ll need permission first) and never fly within five miles or any airport.

Don’t: Fly in bad weather

Check the weather report before you go out. Whilst a cloudy landscape can help to make for a fantastic dramatic shot, going out in high winds and rain can be dangerous. Remember that the higher you go, the winder it will get, so you’ll always experience a slightly amount of camera shake anyway. Take this into account and don’t go out when you could damage your drone or someone else. Also be aware of what temperature your drone x pro can fly in (it will get colder the higher you go), as you might have problems during a particularly cold winter.

Do: Get permission

If you want to fly over private property then your best option is to make sure to get permission from the property owner first. Most people will be happy to let you, but if they see you flying over without permission, then there could be problems. Remember that people are wary of drones and the issue of privacy; if they see a drone flying over their property they’re likely to think you’re spying on them.  Go out of your way to be polite and you’ll be sure to get a good response.

Don’t: Fly too close to crowds

Avoid flying over or within 150m of any crowd. Also avoid flying over a crowd of over 1000 people. If something was to go wrong, it’s simply too many people to move out of the way in order to avoid getting injured, and is simply an accident waiting to happen. This rule also applies to flying within any congested or residential area, where damage could happen to people or property if the drone was to malfunction.

Do: Get some training

You might think you’re the best drone pilot to ever own a drone, but even the most experienced should look to get some training. They’ll always be new things to learn and with safety being of the utmost importance, you could really learn something you never knew before.  Don’t think you’re better than training, and listen to a professional.

Don’t: Get distracted

You should always have your drone in your line of sight, and remember just like you would if you were driving a car, don’t allow yourself to be distracted. If you get distracted you could easily lose sight of your dorne, and if something was to happen to the drone, it would be much harder to find it in an emergency. Keep your eyes on it at all times and remember, safety first.