Good Reasons You Need A Smooth Traffic Plan In An Event

Events like county fairs, concerts, festivals, and tradeshows attract huge crowds. There are pedestrians, motorists, people with disabilities, and truck drivers making their way in and out of the event’s venue location. One of the logistical challenges that event planners encounter is ensuring a smooth traffic during the event. Without proper planning, there may be chaos, accidents, dissatisfaction, and profit loss. Considering the huge number of Americans who attend public events, there is need to have order in traffic movement. It is estimated that over 32 million people attended music festivals in 2015. The number is will grow meaning that, if event organizers do not take the necessary measures to ensure smooth traffic during major public events, businesses could incur losses and people may be injured. ParkingZone provides you with the right equipment including traffic barriers, cones, signs, and ropes to help you manage the traffic in your event.


Here are reasons you want to ensure the traffic is smooth and efficient:

Prevent accidents

When the traffic is not controlled, pedestrians and motorists will be struggling to find their way in and out. The motorists want to pull their cars in any location. Pedestrians on the other hand may find themselves in trouble as they walk alongside cars. In such a situation, accidents are likely to occur. And did you know that about 14 percent of traffic accidents take place in parking lots?

If you are organizing an event, one important thing you should consider is defining a traffic strategy to regulate motorists and pedestrians. A traffic plan that entails use of the right equipment like cones, signs, barriers, and markings can create a smooth traffic thereby preventing accidents.

Minimize chaos

In a situation where everyone including pedestrians and motorists is rushing to enter the event’s venue, there may be a lot of chaos. It is not uncommon to enter fights and confrontations in events that lack a traffic plan. Fights can easily ensure because everyone acts the way they feel. Traffic systems and equipment can help bring sanity and ensure everyone is safe and happy. Motorists are shown the lanes to drive in and pedestrians are guided to follow designated pathways to prevent a clash between the two groups. This way, the guests attending the event will be happy.

Boost profits

When motorists and pedestrians experience ugly situations in an event, they are not likely to come back. Sometimes, the event may be disrupted to a point where the guests resort to abandoning the event. If people are going to leave your event because it is chaotic or they cannot access the venue, this can cause loss of business. Event organizers can increase profits by having a properly organized vehicle and pedestrian traffic plan.

In essence, if you are throwing a major event, ensure you have a detailed traffic plan, especially for the parking area to create smooth flow of traffic. ParkingZone comes in handy if you need traffic control equipments for your event. To further understand why it is important to have a reliable traffic plan, you may want to read the inforgraphic below.

How and Why to Create a Smooth Traffic Plan