Golf Tours In England: Have A Memorable Golf Vacation

When planning for a vacation, where will be your priority on the list of tourist destinations? First, you need to consider the activities that you will be doing. Are you on the go for the beach or something else like sports? One of the most recommended sports tourist destinations in England. England Golf Packages offer you a selection of golf trips, namely:

  • The open courses golf trip
  • England’s golf coast golf trip
  • London golf trip
  • Best links courses in South East England
  • South Wales and Wales golf trip

This is the list of golf packages in England to choose from. To discover the package offer, read below each package inclusion.

Open golf courses

Book a golf package for 8 days. On your day 1, you will arrive at the airport and have a comfortable stay at Abode Hotel. For day 2, you can play Royal Cinque Ports with large sand dunes, undulating wind, and fairways. For day 3, you will play Prince’s with the same dunes as Royal St George with rippled fairways. There are a lot of experiences on your vacation to have fun and enjoy until day 8 of your vacation.

England’s golf coast

Enjoy an 8-day tour of England’s golf coast. You will be staying at the Southport for 7 nights in the most comfortable Vincent Hotel. On your days 2-7, you will be having fun with various games, such as:

  • Hillside golf course
  • Formby golf club
  • Southport and ainsdale
  • Royal Lytham
  • Royal Liverpool
  • Royal Birkdale

London golf tours

Enjoy your 6-day of London golf tour. You will be staying at the most famous Kensington Hotel for 5 nights. Have fun with your 5 games to play:

  • Walton Heath
  • The Berkshire
  • St George’s Hill
  • Sunningdale Old Course

These golf courses are so wide. If you try to take a walk on the golf course, you will witness how green are the golf course grasses. It makes the golf course alive and makes the golfing experience more memorable experience. The stunning view of the Kensington Hotel makes you feel like you are living in a luxury or 5-starred hotel.

Londo is the best-known tourist destination around the world. But, some would say that it is not a budget-friendly hotel since London requires a lot of money before you can travel to the country. But, this is just a word of people who have no love of traveling. If you are a traveler, you will never think of the price, but of the moments to create.

In fact, all travel destinations are costly if it is out of the country. So, if you plan for a vacation, why not make it more special and memorable? Visit the beauty of London and experience the most prestigious sports in the country – let’s go golfing!