Get Rid of Your Mediocre Rank Using this Simple Trick

Are you still stuck in a mediocre rank in Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO)? But you still want to keep playing the game, don’t you?

I have an imperial solution to this issue. Before I break down the solution, I want to discuss more about CSGO Ranking. So, without further ado, let’s get on with it!

CS: GO is tricky as well as fun

CS: GO is a game which players love to play from time to time. It gives the feeling of competition and brings challenges forth. The information I am going to disperse can make the ranking process easier for you. You might be looking at players at a higher level which can be frustrating but a CSGO Rank is the best thing to let users know how good they are.

CSGO ranks

CSGO ranksare not easy to get and there is no denying how important they are. The ranking system of the game ranges from level 1 and goes up to 40. These ranks are developed to provide people with service medals as well as the skin drops. Call of Duty also has a similar ranking system which asks players to reach level 2 in order to unlock the ranked matches.

There are 18 ranks to achieve in the game where the majority of players rest in the block of rank 7 to 12. The different rank tiers even the battles. CS: GO matches players with similar rank tiers which even the odds in the match.

How to rank up?

It is important to win the game in CS: GO. XP is the only way to rank up and it revolves around many factors such as kills, bomb plants, kill assists, deaths, MVPs and damage. So, your CSGO Rank is impacted by the way you play the game.

Let me give you some tips to play better.

Tip #1: Ranked battles are team matches. So, it is important to play as a team and decide roles.

Tip #2: Communicating with the team and planning tactics for the round can do wonder to the results.

Tip #3: Make sure to damage the enemy instead of wasting your ammo. Also, remember that nades won’t kill the player. They will only damage them.

Tip #4: Learn the in-game economy and buy guns and other utilities accordingly.

Tip #5: Practice as much as possible in the weapons course. Learn to move, shoot and throw nades in practice.

Tip #6: Solo queues have some players who choose to derank on purpose. So, make sure to avoid until it is necessary.

Tip #7: Keep your system update. You don’t want to be stuck on a mediocre rank only because you didn’t have a higher refresh rate.

All these tips might help you speed up your ranking process. You can also opt for ranked accounts for the game and reach your desired rank tier within seconds. Ranked accounts are one of the best alternates for CSGO Rankingsright now as per the suggestion of pros.

Search the internet to find the most suitable online platform for purchasing your desired rank.