Get behind the wheel and Zoom away to glory

Apart from a benevolent climate and abundant greenery that it is blessed with, Bangalore boasts of wide roads, tree-lined avenues and excellent road connectivity, therefore making it one of the best cities in India to live at and travel to. Dozens of historical monuments and gardens, with places like M.G.Road for shopping and pubs galore, Bangalore is not only a tourist’s delight, but locals love the quality of life it offers.

Moving around in the city and nearby places can be laborious at times since public transport moves as per its own schedule,and auto-rickshaw travel can be physically demanding. It is best to opt for self drive cars on rent in Bangalore while one is here on holiday or for work purposes. It can be used to travel any time of the day or night, be it a shopping expedition to the busy markets and malls or a late-night drive to top off dinner with some ice-cream.

Apple to Apple comparison

When one owns a car, there are no restrictions on its use at any time of the day nor is the duration an issue. One can use it for outstation trips, local travel, for dropping kids,commuting to the office and the works. A five-figure EMI and a six-figure down payment are all it needs to book a car, not to mention the depreciating asset it turns into, the moment it leaves the showroom. The downside of owning a car is that most of the time it remains idle in the parking while one pays the EMI for an entire year. Compare this with hiring a self-drive car rental India from modern agencies like Zoomcar, on the days’ one really needs it, and the difference in costs and convenience will be obvious.

One may be in Bangalore for an IT project and would need a vehicle for those 3-4 weeks. At such times, a self-drive vehicle not only gives the required mobility but drives out the inconveniences associated with a rented, chauffeur-driven car. No more waiting time for the vehicle to arrive nor any fare-related issues that have become so common nowadays. Imagine the convenience of landing at the swanky Kempegowda International Airport, getting behind the wheel of a luxurious SUV or sedan of one’s choice and driving it around till the time one is in the city. Meticulously maintained cars are the hallmark of self-drive cars from reputed agencies like Zoomcar and are available for hire with a full tank, a reliable GPS and complete peace of mind.

Travel bug

If one has a modest hatchback at home, a self-drive option is perfect to fulfil those dreams of driving the latest luxury sedan or a power-pack SUV. The outskirts of Bangalore is perfect to impress the family with one’s driving skills and knowledge of the outdoors. Imagine the flexibility a self-drive vehicle offers in terms of fitting in people and providing an extra seat since the omnipresent driver is missing. Grabbing the vehicle of one’s choice at short notice is quick and easy too, with bookings available online or app-based.