Get a unique and a permanent number to transfer your amount easily

The Universal Account Number is allotted to each and every employee with a unique 12 digit number that will help them to maintain their salary accounts. This number will help the employee to maintain the all their PF account. It is not possible for the employee to work in a single organization. They will change for some reason from one company to the other. This UAN number will be permanent for the employee for any jobs same as like the Aadhar and PAN number. This makes the employee be more benefitted by transferring the PF amount easily. There are many online sites that will help you know the uan status quickly on your mobile devices.

Important features and advantages of the UAN

The employee can check their PF account details in their mobile by using UAN number. To check the uan status on your mobile, visit the online websites that will display the status page. From the menu, select the region and the state of the employee that will automatically fill the PF number. After entering the extension and establishment code the UAN number will be allotted. To confirm the status, the employee will receive a short message in their mobile. Give the following information to know the status like listed below.

  • Name of the member
  • Their birth date
  • Password
  • Mobile number
  • Captcha code

This will be more helpful for the people who are changing their jobs due to some reason. Many people are benefitted more by this service instead of wasting their time by filling the form. The employees get benefitted by the having the unique number and by the online service. The amount can be transferred from the previous account to the current account. The employee can know their balance by an instant message on their mobile device.

This is a unique identification number of the each employee to transfer their amount easily through the online site. Search through the online sites that will help you get additional information regarding the UAN service.