Fun Games Your Kids Can Play At An Indoor Playground

As much as your kids’ birthday parties are fun and preparing them requires a lot of time and energy to actually be any fun. Kids love to run around, jump and just have a lot of fun, so it is best to consider organizing something that includes such activities. I’ve heard about indoor playgrounds, but I never really knew what exactly the kids can do there. The useful articles I found at introduced me to the world of playgrounds so I am sharing what I learned with you now

Capture The Flag

A pretty simple game and very suitable for an indoor playground as it just requires some space to run around and a safe environment with rubber floors to prevent any fall damage. What you need are just 2 flags placed at the opposite sides of each other and the goal is to take the enemy’s team flag and return it to your base. 

You can tag a player from the enemy team to ‘’ground’’ them, meaning that they have to sit in the enemy base as long as somebody from their team comes to untag them. The beauty of the game lies in its simplicity. It is also great because it can involve a lot of children and they can all be occupied with running back and forth to try and bring victory to their team. This game is both a great physical activity outlet and it encourages team play, quick thinking and strategizing.

Hidden Treasure

Another good concept for an indoor playground. Pick a room, preferably not empty so you make it easier for you to hide things. Pick a few items and put them in a treasure bag. The next thing you want to do is write down clues on paper and give them out to players. You don’t necessarily have to do this, but it’s more fun for kids because they would need to use their brains and ingenuity to discover these objects. Kids of all ages are welcome and you can adjust the difficulty accordingly. It is best to put younger kids with older ones in the same team so they can help each other out. The winner is the team with the most found treasure.

Basketball Horse

A really fun game that involves both physical activity and spelling. It is suitable for all ages but maybe older children will find it more interesting as their coordination is better. The goal of the game is to make a shot and the next player has to make the exact same shot or a letter is added to their name, and when they complete the word ‘’horse’’ or any other word you pick they lose. This game is basically a basketball practice because there is so much activity involved and it’s great for birthdays because it involves larger groups of children. You can also improvise and use something other than a basket or a ball.

Obstacle Course Run

A perfect game for an indoor playground and a larger group of children. This involves a simple obstacle run course and kids who want to do a little racing. You can place obstacles yourself or use a premade setup. The goal is to race to finish and back. Very basic, yet very fun concept because it not only involves running, but the kids also need to find the best and the fastest way to avoid all the obstacles and each other to win the race. Suitable for all ages, but groups shouldn’t be mixed to prevent injury.