Fresh memories of your wedding

The moment you look back at your wedding pictures or check your wedding videos, you get a nostalgic feeling. But how would you feel if your photos and videos look blur or what if you do not look as pretty as you actually are? Wedding is every girl’s dream and photos are the medium to refresh those beautiful memories. Hence, choosing a photographer with extreme care is very important to keep the memories fresh, alive and beautiful. Everyone, in search of a good photographer and videographer end up spending a lot of time and money and for a reason, this time and money do not go in vain if you are successful enough in choosing a good talented person to capture your wedding.

Because of the importance that is given to videographers and photographers, hiring one to capture your wedding, surely burns a hole in your pocket. They are very expensive. Wedding photographer is comparatively reasonable and efficient. You will have to spend around 10% of the whole wedding expense on photography and videographer. Quite obviously, after spending so much one would want an extremely good photographer and videographer without any compromise. Therefore, do some homework and choose the best possible team to work with you.

How to make the interaction with the team easier?

Following is the guide including few questions you should ask the photographer and videographer before finalizing one.

What are the sections included in the package?

First ask the photographer how much time he is going to spend with the bride or groom. You first decide what all you want your photographer to take the pictures of and then give them a list of all the functions included. For example wedding, candid photos, bride/ groom getting ready for the event, formal and informal pictures, photos of all the important guests at the venue, etc. If you do not want to miss the pictures of your important relatives at any cost, give them a list of those people or events that needs to be included.

Let them know in what form you want your photos

While most of the clients opt for the whole package, you can get the negatives of the photos and get them printed yourselves individually. The package will usually include printed photos neatly arranged in an album. You can however get the soft copy of all the photos taken and you can choose a few out of them which you would like to be included in your album.