Five Useful Tips for Vacuuming Pet Hair

If you are a proud pet owner,you might know that however much you love your pet, when it comes to cleaning that pet hair you definitely detest doing it. It is one of the biggest and deadliestnightmaresof a pet owner to keep the home clean of pet hair. Pets, especially cats and dogs, are excellent companions but their hair winds up virtually everywhere. Pet hair and dander are really dangerous if someone in the house is allergic to these.

The best bet to get rid of it is to vacuum your surroundings. Here are few useful tips that will assist you in making this annoying job a little easier.

Use Vacuum cleaner in Alternate Directions

 When you are vacuuming the carpet over and over again to pick the hairstrands, try alternating directions. It helps in picking up more pet hair and often those embedded ones get loose and sucked up too.

Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaner

Picking up dander and pet hair without a vacuum will be a complete nightmare. Thus, make sure that it functions optimally. To ensure that, you need to check if there are any clogged filters and clean them regularly. Furthermore, regular maintenance will ensure that the belt and the brush roller are working efficiently.

Clean the brushes and hoses of the vacuum cleaner regularly as this will ensure that the tools are free from hair. This in turn will prevent the appliance from overheating and clogging when you use it.

Use Vacuum on “Hairy Spots” Daily

You can buy ahandheld lightweight vacuum cleaner in addition to the normal one that you have for cleaning job. Such a cleaner will come handy in cleaning the hair hotspots on a daily basis. Check the vacuum cleaner price and buy one that is lightweight and handy. This holds true if your regular vacuum cleaner is hefty and you don’t find it easy to handle it daily.  With a lightweight cleaner, within minutes you can clean the spots where your pet spends most of the time in house. Cleaning these spots daily makes a huge difference in keeping the house free of pet hair and dander.

Weekly Thorough Cleaning

 If you think that thorough cleaning is meant only once in three to six months, then you are wrong. With pets around, it has to be a weekly affair. Just vacuum every corner of the house – beit under the bed, sofas, refrigerator, curtains or lifting up cushions and cleaning under. Hair strands fly and stick virtually everywhere and it is your job to find and get rid of them. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner as it is your only friend to assist in cleaning up the mess.

Use the Vacuum Cleaner Attachments

 There are some attachments that come along with the vacuum cleaner, but we keep using it in upright mode. These attachments come with specific purposes and using them actually brings about a huge difference in cleaning. They are designed keeping in mind the specific needs of the user and thus use them to make your job easy and efficient.

With these vacuuming tips for eradicating pet hair, you can be assured of making your home free from pet hair and thus improve the overall air quality in your home.