Five style tips for mods

Mod style has remained hip, years after it first emerged in the swinging 60s. A popular style with folk in the city, the mod look has endured the test of time and you will still find avid followers who adore this fad.

Made popular again in the 1990s by the Gallagher brothers from Oasis, Liam and Noel, the mod style is not just a fashion but an entire sub-culture and way of life. While retro and vintage are hot right now, mod fashion has always been there and keeps garnering more followers.

These five tips will help you to get the mod look and dress your best.

Polo shirts

Perfect for the mod-goes-casual look, everyone needs a polo shirt to pull off this style. A staple of tennis-wear in Europe in the 50s and 60s, mods adopted the polo shirt for their own and donned it with pride off the court. Both men and women can wear the polo shirt and pull off the mod look – the brighter the colour, the better.

Gingham shirts

Gingham is still a popular design to this day, but it is a staple of the mod style. You can find gingham shirts online just about anywhere – even mens designer shirts from stockists such as have been known to sport these small checks. To really get the look you need to button your shirt right up to the neck.

Men’s shoes

The brogue is the be-all and end-all of mod fashion; if it is two-toned, even better. The classic jam shoe is also key, but brogues can take you from smart to casual and always look edgy. Monk strap slip-ons are also a great option for the modern mod, with classic retro lace-up trainers from brands such as Adidas a great alternative for casual wear.

Ladies’ shoes

Think bright, bold, vinyl colours and you are on the right track. Ladies’ two-tone leather heels are the perfect staple for any mod; if these are not available, a good pair of more muted leather shoes with a small heel will do the trick.


For both men and women, mod hair is loads of fun. Both genders get to play with teased and poker-straight combinations, with pixie cuts, long fringes and shaggy, blunt-cut looks de rigueur.