Five Must Have Internet Service Features for Best Gaming Experience

Though it might not be necessary to have superfast speeds to keep having smooth gamingexperiences, faster upload speeds do make some differencein streaming services like YouTube Gaming or Twitch. Hence all you need for this is a router that would be able to prioritize the exact set of things you need while playing a game online. In other words, it is quite well-known a fact that online gaming is definitely bandwidth-dependent, so, if that isyour top priority, you need to make sure your internet service is equipped with all those necessary features that won’t let you lose a game because of a technical lag.

  1. Checking Out the Basics

Before taking any advanced step, we can always start with taking a minute for checking the basics we are already having. This includes as simple a process like rebooting the cable modem or router, checkingout if the router is running with the latest firmware, and double check the router’s built-in software if that is the right one to provide the best gaming experience.

  1. Checking the Mesh Network System

Sometimes even simpler routers like the Google Wi-fi mesh network system, might have the ability to prioritize gaming above all, though it might not do it automatically. In that case you might have to set your router If the router having a QoS support and in case if it doesn’t have it, make sure to manually give the device the priority of gaming.

  1. Gigabit Ethernet ports

To have the absolute gaming performance, you need to be connected to the router through Ethernet. Even with the best Wi-Fi around, it cannot parallel the capacity ofthe performance of a cable.

Getting a gigabit connection would enhance the experienceso make sure the router you connect to is having gigabit Ethernet ports and arein enough numbers to cater all the devices that you hook up with it.

  1. Portal Router

Modern routers today generally support multiple bands, but if you areusing an older version or a budget-oriented one, then it mightget limited to 2.4GHz. if you want to play a latest game online, you need to have a Dual-band router thatis able to offer 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, while Tri-band routers would offer an additional 5GHz to the band. An 802.11ac should be something you need to check that you have. Though it comes as a standard with a lot of modern routers, as a gamer, you shouldn’t settle with an 802.11n.

  1. Upgrade if Necessary

Your ISP-supplied router would surely work for you up to a certain extent but upgrading to a latest one is always a better decision. If gaming is a priority, getting a new router at the earliest opportunity would bring in the better changes for sure.

What comes next is pairing it with latest hardware and software features. Once all this is in place, your gaming experience would reach the next level while you can win more often than you were winning till now.