Finding the Right DEF Distributor

Understanding Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Diesel exhaust fluid or DEF is composed of 32.5% urea and 67.5% de-ionized water. When those chemicals are combined, a non-hazardous solution is created. DEF helps to fuel diesel-powered vehicles. Once inside of the exhaust system, the fluid begins to break down harmful NOx emissions, creating water and nitrogen. Nonetheless, that DEF is not a fuel additive and it does not come in contact with diesel. Rather, DEF is often kept in different tanks that can come with blue filler caps. Vehicles that have a selective catalytic reduction or SCR system installed can use DEF. A SRC system is often found in trucks, diesel pickups, and SUVs from 2010 and later.

Your Needs First

When looking through DEF distributors, try to find one that offers three things: quality, supplies, reliable service. Ask your DEF distributor if they offer the three things you need most. When it comes to diesel exhaust fluid, you want someone that you can trust and can meet your needs. Put your needs first. Moreover, give your business to diesel exhaust fluid manufacturers who keep their customers in mind. Whether you are concerned about the environment or the price, consider finding a DEF distributor who supports your values. At the end of the day, you want to support a company who supports your values and understands your budget.

Location and Price

Though it might be tempting to find someone near you, consider searching in other areas to find the best DEF distributors. Try to look around and see which places offer the best price. If you get their business number, call any DEF distributors that look promising, asking about their prices. However, even if they say they offer the best prices, make sure you do the math. You should factor in such things as time, travel, price per gallon, the quality of services, and the quality of diesel exhaust fluid. If you come to a stalemate between two or more DEF distributors, ask yourself what your top priorities are. Having better fluid and the best service is usually worth your time and effort.

Environmental Concern

Environmental impact is another consideration when looking for DEF distributors. To ensure you find someone who shares your concern for the planet, search for manufacturers who are environmentally responsible. Ideally, an environmentally responsible manufacturer should focus on their diesel exhaust fluid, ensuring that the product reflects their values. The right company will want to help you reach your goal of protecting the planet, one gallon of diesel exhaust fluid at a time. Moreover, a company’s concern for the environment should stretch into most sectors of their business. Some companies utilize recycled products to put new life into old products, helping reduce waste. Talk to your DEF distributor about how their products help lessen the amount of landfill waste.