Finding Another Chance With Medical Detox Options

Drug addiction and mental illness are some of the most painful conditions around the globe. Do not let your history define you, as you can have a turnaround with detox treatments available. Lifesync Malibu offers you this choice, with its wide range of treatments. If you are struggling with recurring addiction and mental illness, the clinic provides you a second chance.

How to tell if you have an addiction problem

Drug addiction forces you to be dependent on drugs, and to you, not using drugs is not an option. The process begins with little consumption of the substance that slowly takes over you without your knowledge. With  Dr. Geoffrey Booth, you have a chance to break free from addiction and have a new life. The process is a journey that begins with a visit to Lifesync Malibu. You will meet Dr. Geoffrey Booth, who will assess your condition and offer the best treatment. Your doctor uses Lifesync, a dual-approach medication that rids your body of drugs. Lifesync is a Lifesync Malibu product, one of the few clinics that own therapeutics that help clean your system and give you a new beginning in life.

How does detoxification work?

Dr. Geoffrey Booth is the lead doctor who will oversee your detoxification process. The process occurs under a supervised environment. Private sessions also exist in a healing environment to protect your privacy while allowing you to re-evaluate yourself and make basic moves after the treatment for a healthier future. Lifesync also provides customized transport for those who do not have a means of transportation or live far away from the center.

Treatment Programs Available For Drug And Mental Health

Lifesync Malibu provides a wide range of treatment programs customized for you. Options at the center include:

  • Medical detox
  • Residential treatment
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Home detoxification
  • Nicotine detox
  • Medical Detoxification at home

Steps to take for recovery

The first step to recovery is accepting you as an addict and that you need help. The second step is reaching out to Lifesync Malibu for professional attention. Dr. Geoffrey Booth will read your medical history, ask essential questions, and provide a treatment plan to help you get a new life chance. Lifesync requires you to give honest information for the right treatment plan and safety purposes.

How Detoxification Works

Home detox without supervision by a medical officer can be life-threatening. You are encouraged to visit an accredited facility for the process. Your doctor at Lifesync Malibu will administer the Lifesync drug to your system. Then, he will monitor your withdrawal symptoms and remedy those using other drugs. Lifesync Malibu has a team of dedicated professionals alongside Dr. Geoffrey Booth to monitor your progress during the process. Without proper supervision, withdrawal symptoms could overwhelm you. The center also offers emotional support to help you cope with the drugs and the overall situation.

Being an addict is not an option for most people, and you probably want to change your life for a better future for yourself, your children, and your spouse. Dr. Geoffrey Booth at Lifesync Malibu offers you this option and more. Visit the center or book a session with the doctor online for a new beginning.