Find out more about the cyber security

There are companies which are involved in providing for the cyber security and solution in leadership positions that well define the better future of cyber security. This set the pace for innovation and development.  The will of these companies differ from one another. They protect the customers against more and more cyber threats with detection, protection and remediation involved through different email, endpoint, servers and networks. These companies are partnered very closely with the management teams that provide the resources for building the company’s strategy.   The press release contains certain statements that must be considered quite forward looking with the meaning of the security laws and statements with regards to the company strategy. The time frame provided will invariably provide benefits to the companies involved stockholders, Symantec, investors that include the earning accretion, growth and cost savings. Thus Symantec and Blue Coat involves in investment and potential benefits.

Statements and performances

There are statements that are known for their unknown risks, other factors and certain uncertainties that are caused due to actual performances, results and achievements that differ materially from expressed results or implied that are required in press release. There are some of the risk factors that involve in regulatory approvals, satisfaction of different closing conditions, potent impact on the business and other uncertainties. The   Blue Coat and Symantec is expected to achieve certain benefits which include fluctuations, economic conditions, volatility and the ability to successfully executing strategic plans. They also help in partner relationships, currency exchange, new product development and gaining market acceptance for business development. There is a difference in the actual acceptance in the statements approved by the press release.


No obligation

There is no obligation and no intention to update the forward looking statements which result in the development of the future events. There are significant changes involved in the litigation accruals and operations that are discontinued which also includes gaining sales, reconstructing, compensation that are stock based, separation and transition matters. There are changes which are related to the amortization of the intangible assets. There are certain expenses and income items that manage the core operation of the company.

Significant changes

There are significant changes involved in the purchasing accounting which are involved in revenue from compensation that are stock based and prior acquisition, transition and matters related to integration. To help the readers they are provided with financial transactions and performances which support the future results of the companies. The methods used are non- GAAP and certain GAAP financial measures.