There are several weight loss drugs plying in the market some with genuine benefits and some reportedly are placebo effects of certain drugs which have gained notoriety over the years. Fen Phen is one such drug whose reputation precedes it before an introduction can be given to this now highly controversial weight loss drug wherein the manufacturers have billions of dollars in liability to pay fen phen victims. Check out the Fen-Phen uses.

They were initially manufactured for a short term usage as diet aids.

This drug was primarily a combination of flenfluramine and phentarmine. This was marketed by American Home Products as an anti obesity drug. Many took the bait and it was seen that it caused several heart related ailments on the users and when a study was conducted it dawned upon the researchers that the drug caused a fatal lung disease after a prolonged use and people who had been using it for a shorter time had developed pulmonary hypertension. These reviews were critical and the sample study conducted gave an insight into the grievous effect the drug had and the FDA made a ban on the sale of this drug.

Fen-Phen uses

It has been observed that this drug also caused addiction for other drugs cocaine and alcohol due to the increase in the serotonin levels in the brain. Check out the Fen-Phen uses.

Weight reduction by fen phen was better as observed by scientists over a period of 24 weeks and they saw a more significant weight loss than the other weight loss drug users.

The damage done to the valves to the heart was not earlier observed because it was never seen by consuming any drug and clinical trials were never made on humans so they were deemed safe by many doctors who thought that the crazy public who wanted to get slim and weight loss was a major problem by a large number of denizens across the globe so they could make a quick buck by dispensing the combo of fen phen and they even advertised it on their websites. People made a beeline and to get pills and made orders to get the directly to their homes.

Weight loss by fen phen

This drug is also known as anorexiants, which literally means appetite suppressants. The way that fen phen works is obvious by its analogy that it helps the person to lose weight by reducing the hunger pangs and making the person to eat less, hence lose weight in the process.