Fact vs Fiction: Top 3 Car Buying Myths You Must Debunk

Word of mouth is so much in trend. It is the main tactic on which many people rely for splurging money. Especially, car buying involves a huge amount of financial investment.

Once you’ve made up a decision to buy a brand new car and somehow the word flew to your relatives. By the next day, what all you get are the messages by them that include all the advises and suggestions. Although these pieces of suggestions were given with your concern, there should be some base to rely upon it. To help you make better purchases, we thought to enlist top myths that you need to demystify while buying.

Myth #1 All extended warranties are scams

Many people hold a misconception that dealers come up with extended warranties only with an aim to rip off. Instead, it is a false belief to consider a payable amount as a swindling trick.

Warranties are meant for offering you the security of the car. It is a protection against any future damage. Evidently, it is beneficial for you. At the time of severe damage, you won’t have to spend more for repairs. The company will get it fix for you. Nonetheless, if it sounds too pricey for you, negotiating it is always an option for you.

Myth #2 Buying a car at odd times can get you better prices

Though there are many people who believe in the timing factor, getting a breathtaking deal has nothing to do with it. While some people think that buying a car during holiday or rainy day can help you get a great deal, whereas others think to do at the closing hours or end of the month.

The truth is that getting a better deal is dependent upon your negotiating skills. Timings have nothing to do with buying a car at fair prices. In fact buying a car at odd times is widely believed notion. You are the only person having insights, there are many who believe the same. Due to this reason, the car lot which was expected to be empty on a rainy day or holiday turns out to be the overcrowded. In this case, you’d even mess up the condition and won’t be able to get the best deal.

Myth #3 Paying cash is better than financing

Most often it is believed cash plays a major role in clinching a deal. To get a car at a favorable price, it is preferred to pay through cash. Instead, this belief is false.

In fact, to get a better deal, financing becomes much easier, especially financing with the dealership. As dealers can make more money with financing, it becomes accessible for you to negotiate. Moreover, the value of the car depreciates as soon as you leave the showroom if purchased through cash. On the contrary, you don’t have to worry about the depreciation until you’re done with paying all the monthly installments.

While planning to buy a new car, you’d definitely get a striking punch of uninvited tips and advises. Which piece of advice to believe and which not is entirely dependent upon you. However, acquainting yourself with the right information is the best way to come out of the fictional world. Get inspired by the facts that are mentioned as above and debunk your myths. Above all, for assuring that you’re making right purchases, you can refer Angelakrauseford.com. It is an experienced dealership on which you can rely for making such a huge financial investment.