External Venetian Blinds: A Quick Guide For Beginners

People love external Venetian blinds because they are a convenient and practical solution. They are modern and smart window screens that serve as protection against the sun. These screens also increase the feeling of privacy of those inside the room.

Heating and air conditioning cost reduction

The intensity of light entering the room is easy to adjust with an external Venetian blind. These blinds have profiled, shaped slats that can tilt into various angles. Shade Factors external Venetian blinds are most helpful in the summer. It helps cool the room and gives it a nice dim look. These blinds are also great in the winter. Lowered screens at night time provide an extra barrier that decreases energy losses. The result is a reduction in expenses for the building heating.

An external Venetian blind regulates the incoming light and limits energy consumption. It is the most efficient solar protection in most wooden houses and even class A+ houses.

Air management

There is a little air passage between the slats and the window frame. It ensures house insulation in winter and provides a pleasant wellness sensation. Tilting the slats to give blackouts in summer provides good internal ventilation.

Energy efficient

External Venetian blinds are one of the most efficient devices in sunlight management. They ensure the reduction of radiation coming through the windows.


These blinds are suitable for any kind of building. Their simple structure makes it easy to install. There is no need for extraordinary maintenance aside from a quick season cleaning. These blinds achieve unique performances against atmospheric agents, such as hail and wind.


Venetian blinds come in a huge range of various forms, sizes, and materials.


Venetian blinds are usually made out of aluminum. Being made from aluminum, metal blinds are sturdy and less prone to rust. These blinds are also affordable.


These blinds are also affordable and very popular. Plastic blinds are robust and resistant to wear and tear caused by extreme weather. They come in a wide variety of colors that can match every theme of home decor.


Wood offers a great style for Venetian blinds. Wooden blinds cost a lot but they provide sophistication and elegance. These are quite tough to maintain though. They feel the effect of sunlight, humidity, and others more than metal and plastic blinds.

Faux wood

Faux wood is a mixture of wood components and synthetic plastic materials, such as PVC. Also known as composite wood, it provides an elegant look while offering low-maintenance.


Synthetic fabrics designed to enhance the benefits of window blinds are now common. It can control the temperature of the room while being able to see what is outside. These are available in various colors and styles. They provide sophistication that can match any decor.