Expo 2020 bringing new goals and challenges for U.A.E. hospitality industry

U.A.E. is the centre of the attraction for the tourists from many decades and people from across the world visit U.A.E. which has a significant impact over its economy and generates a handsome amount of money from it. Dubai has also hosted many international events because of its comfy ambience and the facilities provided to the visitors. Expo 2020 will also be held in Dubai in October 2020. This expo can take more than six months to exhibit the themes from across the world. This expo is bringing new goals and challenges for U.A.E., which will have positive effects on the various sectors of U.A.E. For this expo the location has been chosen between the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi and construction work on the site is in process. The master plan for expo 2020 has been designed by an American known firm HOK which is a famous construction and engineering company of America.

The U.A.E government is looking forward to this event and has set different goals from this event. The theme of the expo will be Connecting Minds, Creating Future and people from across the world will participate in this event. This event has also given some challenges to U.A.E that the government has decided to establish the world biggest solar power project for this event, which is under process. Secondly, a big challenge will be of the construction as the location is between two cities so the government will have to focus over the road network, speedy work process, security plans and to ensure the availability of all the facilities for the local and international tourists who will come to Dubai. This event will also give many benefits to the government and locals of U.A.E. Firstly, as the government is setting a massive set up for this event so it will bring many jobs and will raise the business of different industries as the construction project is directly linked with many other sectors which will support the economy as well.

Hotels in U.A.E

Moreover, it will be beneficial for the real estate industry, and the land prices will be raised due to this, and the people will get high prices for their properties. In addition to this, the expo has given a chance to U.A.E to grab the interest of more investors and to invest in various sectors. All this investment and revenue generated by this event will provide a boom to the economy of U.A.E, and the government will be available to spend more money on the projects of public interests and needs which will fulfil the needs of the locals and upgrade their lifestyle. U.A.E is also famous for its generosity and hospitality industry. You can find renowned food chains and hotels from across the world in U.A.E. This event will also give a chance to these hotels and chains to expand their business and to generate more revenue from it as Dubai is expecting millions of visitors from this tour so it will be an excellent chance for the Hotels in U.A.E to expand their business to fulfil the requirement of demand of supply.

There are hotels of different categories according to their services and these services determine their ratings and these hotels are grouped as 7 stars, 5 star, 3 star and others types, and their facilities and prices also differ respectively. A 7 star hotel gives various facilities like 24*7 room service, free Wi-Fi, free parking, transport service, swimming pool, spa, gymnasium, a variety of cousins, and the facilities of family rooms and night gifts make these hotels different from others. People who are fond of luxury lifestyle, use to book these hotels. Still, on the other side, these hotels are also very costly so everyone cannot afford all these luxuries, so for those people, there are the options of 5 star and 3 hotels respectively. These hotels also provide excellent services, but they cannot offer the luxuries of a 7 star hotel, and that’s why their prices are even lower than the luxurious one. The world is changing; we are living in a smart world because the internet has made it easy for tourists to book a hotel according to their needs and budget. Through the internet they can get the necessary information about the hotels, their facilities, prices and by seeing all these aspects, they can make a good tour plan. By watching this trend, the hotel has planned some deals for its customers. Dubai Hotel Deals include discounts, online cashback bookings, unique gifts for their customers and different packages for the customers depending upon their visit plans. So all these services attract visitors from across the world. This is also a big challenge for the hotel industry also.