Experience Japan like no other

                Ever wanted to visit Japan, but vacations can seem so difficult because everything needs to be planned. But what if you don’t, because there are companies that take care of everything for you, from the moment you get of plane until you get back on the plane. So imagine you want to go to Hokkaido, well you just got to pick a Hokkaido tour package.

What’s included?

            On these tour packages almost everything is included, everything is planned to the point so you don’t have to do anything. Some of the things that are done the tours of Hokkaido are national parks, shopping centres, chocolate museums, and so much more. All meals are included depending on how long the tours last, they include 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, and 4 dinners. Accommodations are also provided in a couple of hotels, it depends on where you are touring. And during the tour if there are over 25 adult paying tourists you will be provided a tour guide for your benefit.

How much does it cost?

            Now vacations can be pretty expensive, so if you’re spending about a one week there it will cost you about $1500. But this will definitely increase as this is just an average and the costs will change on the package, your hotels, and your extra spending’s, so it won’t hurt to bring a bit of extra cash.

How to book?

            When you want to book a Hokkaido tour package just go one to a reliable site like euasia.com and fill out an inquiry form, and they will get back to you with the costs and itineraries. Or you can contact them via email or phone, it’s all on the site.