Expectations After Undergoing Weight Loss Surgery in Atlanta, Georgia

Weight loss surgery is something that a maximum percentage of people are opting for today to get rid of their body fat. Some of the common reasons for weight loss include type 2 diabetes, some medical conditions, or even sleep apnea, and so on. After the surgery is conducted by a physician from a board certified in general surgery in Atlanta, GA, the patients will experience many benefits. 

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Weight Loss Surgery Results 

Here are some of the things that you can expect after a weight loss surgery in Atlanta surgical centers. 

  • Total Percentage of Weight Loss 

It is not constant for all the patients when it comes to expecting weight loss. The percentage of weight loss in an individual will be decided based on many things, and also based on the surgery that is suggested to them. 

  1. With sleeve gastrectomy surgery, patients can expect a weight loss of about 40% of their overall body weight. 
  2. Gastric bypass surgical procedures can reduce the overall body weight to 40% less than before. 

Some patients may experience weight loss gradually over the next weeks or months. This will be followed till 2 to 3 years after the surgery. 

weight loss

  • Side effects of weight loss surgery 

Weight loss surgery options have many side effects that are associated with the procedure. Sometimes, the long-term risks are also noticed in some patients. However, studies have shown that over 40% of people that have undergone surgery in Atlanta may experience some side effects. 

Who can undergo the surgery? 

Not all are suggested to undergo the weight loss surgery as available in the Atlanta medical institutions. The patients should fulfill some criteria such as:

  • The Body Mass Index (BMI) of a patient should be 40 or more. 
  • The patients suffer from some medical conditions such as sleep apnea, diabetes, high blood pressure, and so on. 
  • Patients with heart issues 
  • Patients with surgeries are the only option for weight loss. 

Many people do not prefer the surgical methods of weight loss because they think that it can hurt their body health. The best way of avoiding such misconceptions is by speaking to your physician.