Everything you must know about Elmiron law suits

Elmiron is basically a medication that is prescribed in case of bladder issues but has some serious side effects. This can actually cause blindness and some serious vision problems. Well, the main defaulters behind all this are the manufacturers who failed to warn the doctors about the eye disorders caused due to the long-term exposure to maculopathy.

So, filing lawsuit is a better way to get the deserving compensation for all the physical and mental losses.

Who manufactures Elmiron?                      

A division of Johnson & Johnson named, Janssen Pharmaceuticals manufactures Elmiron and called it as PPS and used it as a blood thinner.

Elmiron leading to pigmentary maculopathy:

All the research and studies suggest that the long-term consumption of Elmiron can actually make the patient suffer from pigmentary maculopathy.

Elmiron Law Suits

Moreover, some of the usual symptoms of maculopathy are:

1. Dark spots on the retina

2. Un-usual capillaries and blood vessels

3. Yellow and round lesions on the macula

These symptoms can usually get the doctor puzzled between the age-related macular degeneration and some pattern dystrophy.

Elmiron’s adverse side effects:

Besides the issues related to vision, patients can also suffer from some other side effects including:

1. Bruising

2. Headache

3. Skin rashes

4. Sleeping disorders

5. Gastroesophageal Reflux

6. Diarrhea

Furthermore, the packaging has got some other eye problems displayed other than maculopathy which is itemized as:

1. Optic neuritis

2. Nystagmus

3. Conjunctivitis or pink eye

4. Retinal hemorrhage

5. Amblyopia

Do you qualify for an Elmiron lawsuit?

The victim actually becomes eligible for filing an Elmiron lawsuit after the consumption of this drug for a long time, for about two years. Also, the lawyers having expertise in such cases accept the lawsuit only after the exposure to Elmiron for at least 2 years, and when the victim is suffering from some vision problems.

Likewise, the most important condition in such cases is the lawyer gets ready to handle your case only if your vision issues have started during the time you were taking Elmiron or within a year of stopping the current treatment.

As in, if the victim has already stopped taking Elmiron in 2018 and has got an eye problem diagnosed in 2019, then you may get the right fit lawyer who will present the case on your behalf and get you the compensation you deserve.

Have there been settlements yet?

No, there have not been any settlements yet. As we can say that the attorneys are still seeking for fairest settlements. No price can be enough for vision and for the changes it has caused to the victims’ lives.

Till now, the lawyers have been consistently trying for getting the maximum money for the patients suffering from such loss.

The attorneys are still trying to get compensation for all the losses including:

  1. All pre- and post-treatment medical bills.
  2. Pain and personal sufferings
  3. Lost wages including all the past payments and upcoming future payments

There may be a time limit in filing any case. So, if you find yourself eligible to file a case, you should consult a lawyer as soon as possible.