Everything To Know About Motorcycle Accidents and Compensations

Motorcycle accidents happen every day. And if you own one, it is very important that you know everything about what to do during accidents and how to process for injury compensation. Just like other compensation claims, the one for motorcycle injury is also a specific area where it has its own laws and regulations. In this article, you will understand more about the risks of motorcycle riding and how liability is being determined during an accident.

Risks of Motorcycle Riding

Unlike 4-wheel vehicles, motorcycles are much smaller and lighter. They only have two wheels and the rider and the passenger are not enclosed in the safety of a box of metal. Because of these characteristics and the risks involved, motorcycle riding becomes riskier compared to riding an automobile. Some of the risks include road hazards, less visible to cars, and having no safety barrier between the rider and the road. Also, motorcycles are less stable and are much dangerous when the rider does not have a sufficient skill level and is inhibiting high-risk behaviour while on the road.

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Liability In Motorcycle Accidents

In many of the motorcycle accidents, it is the driver of another vehicle that is negligent like speeding through a red light or failing to check mirrors before making a turn. But also, the motorcycle rider might also be the negligent one in some cases. A careless biker might do something to cause the car to crash. And when this happens, he or she will be the one liable for the injuries suffered by the occupants of the said vehicle.

Negligence Claim

You have to remember that the steps to take before filing a claim are crucial. But being involved in a single-vehicle motorcycle accident will be different from when another vehicle is involved. Even though you have never been in an accident before, make sure that you know these details for future reference.

  • Single-Vehicle. When you are involved in a single-vehicle motorcycle accident, compensation can only be claimed if the injury sustained is classified as ‘catastrophic.’ This means that the injury will require lifetime care. For example, a permanent spinal cord injury or a traumatic brain injury. Regardless of whose fault it is, compensation is available given that the person has not claimed nor received damages for any injury in the past. Any pre-existing conditions that worsened due to the accident are not also applicable for the claim.
  • Multiple Vehicle. When another vehicle is involved, the rider must know what steps to take that are vital before making a claim. The time that you have to lodge a claim will depend on different circumstances. First, the police need to be informed of the incident. Take note of the vehicle registration number and the drivers’ contact information. Even without injuries, it is still crucial to see a doctor with a Notice of Accident Claim Form.

Why Work with a Lawyer?

During any of these instances, it is best that you work with a no win no fee lawyers Queensland. They are the experts in this field who can help you go through the process and assist you with everything that you need to do, especially with the paperwork. When it comes to compensation claims, the lawyer will be the one who will process it on your behalf.