Everything about Blockchain

Blockchain has become the buzzword in today’s programming world. The kind of security and process perfection which Blockchain provides is the reason for the instant hit of the process. Blockchain was initially introduced to function the crypto currencies in transferring them from one place to the other. Crypto currencies was booming a year before and now the waves have settled or we can even called it as a bubble burst as most of the countries declared a no-confidence motion against crypto currencies and banned it and prevented any citizens from trading it. But all these people who blocked the crypto currencies invited Blockchain to their houses. Blockchain was an open ledger system were every transaction is created as a block and the open nature allows anyone to see the entries of the ledger at point in time. It is a one way gateway where there is only an input and for that input there is an encrypted output which is unique to that input. There is no reverse of this and hence Blockchain provides a platform where it is impossible to change the entries of the ledger and hence a 100% fool-proof mechanism for transactions and they started popularizing Blockchain programming.

There are different types of Blockchain which people are adopting. The first one is the public Blockchain. As the name says it is open to the public. These are the initial variants of Blockchain where anybody can see and use the Blockchain at any time. There is no restriction and no one owns these Blockchain nor moderates them. The very nature of this type is to provide a unison for everyone who wants to operate on the Blockchain. The second is the private Blockchain. Here, there is a owner to the Blockchain or in simple words, there is moderator who oversees the activities made on the Blockchain. This kind of Blockchain may or may not be available to the public. It is based on the nature of the system and the process. The last type of Blockchain is the consortium Blockchain which are held by federations or corporations and are used for their purpose only. The access to these Blockchain will be limited only to its members and there will be several moderators for this kind of system. These are of high security and highly moderated system used for the corporate needs.

Since the advent of Blockchain and the way how corporates started to grab the opportunity, there has been a huge demand for Blockchain programmers. Blockchain programming language was simple and with the knowledge of any of the basic programming language you can easily learn Blockchain as well. Thus it has not only created a secured transaction system but also a lot of job opportunities.