Eugene Bernshtam Gives His Opinion on How To Gather Vintage Cars

Those who like vintage cars or have the passion to collect them should know how to gather them. It is important to keep in mind that these days the prices of vintage cars have increased to a great extent and it often becomes a bit challenging for the people to invest on the same.

Eugene Bernshtam: The ardent collector of vintage cars

Mr. Bernshtam holds membership in the Lamborghini Club of America as well as the Ferrari Club of America (FCA). Even though gathering vintage cars may seem to be a very easy task at first, but in reality it is not that easy as a number of vital points need to be considered:

  • With so many websites out there offering details about vintage cars and auto shows taking place across the United States, one can think of visiting these websites and auto shows to get an idea about the characteristics of the model they are planning to buy. Before buying a car, you should ideally spend some time reading, talking and looking to collectors. This will help you to a great extent so as to make a sound investment verdict.
  • Remember that it is not viable to become proficient on every car model. Thus, it is suggested to focus on only one type of vehicle that can help you build up the skill of getting an excellent deal. Eugene Bernshtam , being an ardent collector of vintage care says to become a car collector, one must carry out a thorough research. Apart from this, one must find out everything about the cars you like better and what makes you love them as this will give you an excellent start on finding out what to purchase.

Eugene Bernshtam Gives His Opinion on How To Gather Vintage Cars

  • Once a car has been finalized on, it is very much important to find out the amount of restoration it requires. In case one just wants to reinstate the car to totally drivable and operational status then it will require less work and capital than street show status. It is also important to find out how much money one is prepared to invest into for restoration. Keep in mind that renovating a classic car will require an expert assistance.

It is important to note that any classic car that one wants to get renovated requires careful attention to detail. The main reason for this is resale value. The car collectors pay money for classic car renovations, however those restorations must have all the show- floor potentials, as well as they, should meet the technical specifications.

Eugene Bernshtam says that by following the above-mentioned points one can certainly invest on the right kind of vintage car. When not busy with his usual work, Eugene loves to collect old cars; he also loves to travel within the country as well as across the world. He has a lot of interest in weightlifting and loves to take part in scuba diving as well.