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Different individuals face different allergies in their lifetime. Some allergies can be mild, but others can be severe and life threatening. As a result of this, it’s crucial to seek treatment from the most qualified individuals and centers. Don’t let these allergies influence how you live your life and limit the things you do; at Marrero allergies and ENT of New Orleans, we are ready to help you overcome this phase.

Gregory Pippin, MD, and Adil-Fatakia, MD at ENT of New Orleans, are qualified and highly reputable specialists in this area; they possess immense experience dealing with allergy-related issues. At their medical offices in New Orleans and Marrero, East Louisiana, the specialist undertakes allergy tests and identifies cause and condition. They use state-of-the-art technology in determining the source of the symptom and seek the best treatment alternative for your situation.


The reaction one gets after interacting with any substance through touch, eating, or inhaling is usually referred to as allergies. These substances are generally called triggers, and can range from:

  •       Pollens
  •       Pet Dander
  •       Mold
  •       Dust

These triggers set off unpleasant symptoms which can be disruptive to daily undertakings and may lead to adverse effects.

Symptoms Associated with Allergies

As indicated, allergies tend to have different implications and effects on different people; to some, it might cause a scratch or rash, but others may experience nausea, vomiting, and even swelling up. At the ENT of New Orleans center, they specialize in treating allergic reactions that affect the nose and throat.  Such issues include:

  •       Rash
  •       Cough
  •       Blocked nose
  •       Runny nose
  •       Swollen and Watery eyes

For individuals with such symptoms, they must seek immediate treatment since they may develop chronic illnesses such as postnasal drip, upper respiratory infections, and sinusitis. Don’t let these symptoms develop into conditions requiring advanced therapies. Come to the on-site lab at ENT of New Orleans to get the easiest and most effective diagnosis and treatment.

Treatment of Allergies

At ENT of New Orleans, we know and believe that identifying the cause of the allergic reaction is next to finding the solution. The center is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and boasts of qualified personnel who possess years of experience. At ENT of New Orleans, we focus on the patient and ensure that we alleviate our clients’ pain and suffering. But our main advice to all of our patients is to identify the cause of the allergy then do their best to avoid it.

In case one cannot avoid the triggers, they can follow a treatment regimen created by our doctors.


Although it takes time to work, the method is highly effective. It involves clearing up chronic conditions like allergic asthma. It consists of having the allergy shots under your tongue.

Balloon sinuplasty

The treatment focuses on clearing up the airways, thus helping your ability to breathe quickly.

If you have any allergic reactions, don’t hold back, Make a call today and consult with a specialist, or you can book an appointment online. Don’t let your reactions hold you back. Allows us to help you today.