Employment Contract Breaches – Seek Professional Legal Help Today

When you work for any company, you are legally bound to follow their policies and other necessary regulations. But this also applies to the company, as they also have to follow everything written in the legal contract. If in any case, your employer company breaches the contract, you can seek legal help from a professional employment lawyer. If you are in New York or New Jersey, then you can get in touch with a top-rated law company such as the Sattiraju Law Firm. They have the most experienced legal representatives with immense expertise and skills to fetch you the best results in your favor.

About A Contract

A contract is a legal written bond that might include the joining date & ending date of an employees service period, non-competition agreements, amenities, company policies, compensation, and employee requirements etc. Everything mentioned in a contract ensures both employer and employee fulfill their duties & responsibilities properly.

Contract Breach

Any activity or action performed by the employer or employee that goes against the contract is known as a breach. A breach might be a minor inconvenience caused or a huge monetary loss. These are often solved by following a clause mentioned in the agreement regarding the breach type. However, all these violations can be classified under a single category known as Employment Litigation.

Types Of Contract Breaches

Contract breaches are broadly divided into four main categories as listed below:

  1. Material Breaches

This is known to be most severe breach type as this can result in a huge loss to the party that is on the opposite side (non-breaching). If this happens, the non-breaching party might file a complaint in order to get the compensation. The compensation demand is usually very high in this type as the loss incurring party doesn’t only get back what they lost but also get the extra costs required to make up for the time & productivity lost.

  1. Non-Material

A non-material breach is considered less severe than the material one and the compensation demanded in this kind is only for the losses that the non-breaching party experienced. This usually ends sooner as the amount involved is much lesser & thus, can be recovered easily.

  1. Anticipatory

This cannot be listed under very serious breaches as it usually ends with a mutual settlement. This is because one of the contracted parties tends to anticipate an inability to stick to the contract terms and in the end, both parties have to mutually provide consent for termination of it.

  1. Fundamental

This can be a serious as well as a non-serious breach as in this the non-breaching party can ask for the termination of the contract along with a compensation demand from the breaching party. In case of denial from either party, it can become a serious issue as well.

If you ever experience any of the above kinds of breaches in New York or New Jersey, then you can seek help from a professional firm like Satti Raju. Always remember that the better your lawyer is, the stronger is your case.