Easy Ways to Fix a Squeaky Floor

Most of us have had a squeaky floorboard or two at some point. Sometimes it adds to the charm of the house, but others become so annoying that they must be fixed. It’s usually easier than you think and often doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

squeaky floorboard

Fill the Gaps

If there is a visible gap along a full joist, or a significant part of it, grab some construction adhesive and run a bead along the length and then work the glue into the space.

Put a Shim on It

If you can get access to the floor from underneath easily, have someone walk across the board so you can see exactly where the squeak comes. If it comes in a gap between a joist and the subfloor, pop a simple shim in the space and glue it in place. The can also work on a creaky staircase.

creaky staircase

Screw the Bottom

If the noise is coming from between the joists, it could be due to the wood rubbing against the plywood under-floor.

Putting a short screw from the underside into the bottom of the finished floor to stop the friction. Do be very careful, however, as if the screws are too long and they are coming from beneath, they might come through the floor and your problem becomes far worse than the original squeak!


If you don’t have access to the under-floor, lubricating the floor from the top is definitely worth a try.

There are lots of options available, from powdered soapstone or powdered graphite to household materials like talcum powder. Put the lubricant into gaps, then lay a cloth over the area and walk over it to work the powder into the floor. It works by reducing the friction of wood rubbing on wood, which is what causes the squeaks.

There are also specialist products available to buy from most good DIY or hardware stores.

For more tips on taking the squeak out of your floor, visit the DIY Doctor. If you’re looking to add wooden or engineered flooring to your home, be sure to spend some time investigating the options with an expert retailer like https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/engineered-flooring.html.

Once it is installed, keep up with regular maintenance and you should get years of wear from your wooden floor.