Dos and Don’ts for purchasing dancewear

Dancing is the best way to gain confidence and grace while getting the exercise that your body needs. Whether you choose jazz, ballet, tap, or hip-hop dancing, you need to select the right shoes and clothes for the activity. Not only will doing so help you to feel great, but it also enhances your safety and comfort.

Here are the important tips that you need to remember when buying dancewear:

Do ask your instructor about the right dancewear

When you enroll in a dance class, you need to ask your instructor about the right shoes and dancewear for your skill level and dance style. For example, if you dance traditional ballet, you will need one-piece body suits that stretch as well as leotards. Such garments allow the instructor to see your muscle definition and bodyline.

If you are buying ballet tights, buy them in a density of at least forty denier, which is heavier and more opaque than tights and pantyhose that you would wear with street wear. Denier is the unit used to measure the thickness of a fiber.

Do not ignore your body type

Whether you are dancing for your own enjoyment or as a professional, you need to wear the right dancewear for your body type. Most dancers are petite, but you do not have to be tiny to get the most out of dancing. Women need to make sure that their leotards offer plenty of support around the bust for a more comfortable dancing experience.

Leotards usually come with an insert bra or shelf bra to eradicate the need of wearing a lumpy bra. These articles of clothing are made with elastic material that shapes and supports the body while allowing the teacher to assess your form and posture.

Do buy clothes that fit

It is important for dancewear to fit the dancer well. If you buy ill-fitting clothes, it will be uncomfortable, unattractive, and even dangerous. For instance, if you buy a leotard that is too short at the torso, it can ride up and distract other dancers. You should check your measurements against the dancewear size chart to make sure that you are buying your right size.

The most important measurements are the fullest point of the bust, natural waistline, and widest part of the hips. You should take your measurements while standing to make sure that they are accurate.

Do buy the right dance shoes

To dance properly, you need to wear the right shoes. For modern dance or jazz, go for a low-cut and flexible shoe. When shopping for ballet shoes, you have a choice between split soles – which have leather or suede at the heel and ball of the foot – and full soles. Ballet shoes are usually more flexible and lighter than other dance shoes.

Dance shoes must be fitting to avoid injury and discomfort. Jazz shoes and ballet slippers especially need to fit like a glove if you want to feel comfortable while dancing. Before buying a pair of dance shoes, you should verify their size with the vendor to make sure that they are your size.

Don’t forget the accessories

The world of dance offers a large number of accessories. You can wear trousers and warm-up sweaters during rehearsals. However, if you are a belly dancer, you will find a wide array of decorative coins, hip scarves, and finger cymbals.

Are you looking for high quality custom dancewear? You should consider buying from online shops such as When shopping online, you need to make sure that you have the right professional measurements to avoid running into problems later.