Different Types of Label Adhesive

Labelling solutions are needed in order to make sure that your business can thrive. A good label can mean the difference between standing out from the competition and getting ignored. You should always seek to make the most educated decisions when it comes to choosing new labels for your products. For this reason, it’s a very good idea to understand everything about the labelling process.

There are a wide variety of different label adhesives being used today. Most people don’t put too much thought into which methods are employed when commissioning labels to be made. There are differences between the different types of adhesives that can make them better suited to certain situations. Knowing this information could be very useful when it comes to making decisions on which labels to use with your products.

Acrylic Adhesives

These acrylic adhesives are popularly used for many reasons. They have good heat-resistant properties and can also withstand UV rays. This type of adhesive isn’t quite as soft as certain others and because of this, it won’t work as well on surfaces such as cardboard. Any rough surfaces will not be ideal for this type of adhesive but it works very nicely elsewhere.

Removable labels

Many clear sealing labels that you see on the market use this type of adhesive. When you use this style of adhesive, you can be sure that it will generally have a strong grip. You shouldn’t run into any issues with the labels having improper tack to handle the job unless you’re trying to put the label on rough surfaces as mentioned.

Hot Melt Adhesives

This type of adhesive is typically rubber-based with a lot of initial tack. It’s known as a somewhat soft adhesive, which gives it some advantages in certain ways. It works exceptionally well as an adhesive on cardboard and other surfaces that aren’t smooth. If you have products such as this that need labels, a hot melt adhesive would be a great option for your labels.

It’s possible to make clear sealing labels using this method as well. These labels wind up being very strong and will stick to most any surface. Using labels with hot melt adhesives outside is not recommended because they won’t be able to handle the temperature changes.

Removable Labels Adhesives

Removable adhesives offer many great advantages you can enjoy. They have powerful enough tack to maintain a grip on the surface of where the label is being applied. It’s still loose enough for the label to be able to be removed, though. Removable labels offer many interesting possibilities that could behove your company.

It’s still important to note that this won’t be the ideal solution for many different types of surfaces. Some surfaces won’t work well at all with this type of adhesive and it can also be impacted by exposure to temperature extremes. Regardless, this is still an interesting option that you can consider making use of. There is some appeal to being able to remove a label without issue, especially when you want to keep an item looking pristine.

Picking the Right Adhesive

Now that you have the information about what the strengths and weaknesses of each adhesive type are, you’ll be able to make a decision. Just think about what adhesive would make your labels function the best for your products. Consider whether your products will be used outside and whether you want the labels to be removable or not. Once you have thought it through the decision should be a simple one to make.

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