Different styles of tattoos

With the timeless Black & Gray tattoos, both strong contrasts and the typically very smooth transitions can be created. Black & Gray tattoos are suitable for every skin type and are just as effective on darker skin types. There are so many 타투 styles but selecting the one which you like is more important.


They have been for many thousands of year’s Practiced tribal tattoos . The origin can be found in the indigenous peoples of Polynesia, the Aborigines in Australia or the Maori in New Zealand. The 90s can be recorded as the high point of the tattoo style. The curved lines of the tribal tattoos frame and shape the body. Because the black gives the tattoo a high-contrast effect on the skin, so that it looks very powerful. Today tattoos are usually done out of pure aesthetics and the individual body art is in the foreground.


Blackwork tattoos are only engraved in pure black. They are characterized by graphic elements, simplified shapes and high-contrast lines. Blackwork embodies many different styles. In addition, they enjoy a wide range, so that almost any motif can be implemented as a blackwork tattoo.   As diverse as the blackwork tattoos are, so are your options. Therefore, in our detailed blog post, we offer you an overview of which styles and works fall under blackwork. In contrast to other styles, blackwork is extremely durable and therefore ideal for cover-ups    .


Just like watercolors on paper, these types of tattoos seem to exude a certain lightness. The loose brushwork, the merging of colors and delicate splashes of color: With watercolor tattoos , real works of art are stabbed under the skin, which are also very unique.


The trend draws its inspiration from watercolor painting, which dates back to the 9th century. The style is a modern interpretation of colored tattoos and goes with the zeitgeist. Watercolor tattoos differ from other tattoos only in their shade and color. The color gradient shows smooth transitions that often get by without any contours. It doesn’t have to be colorful, however, because black watercolor tattoos look extremely elegant.


Mostly with motifs such as dragons, tigers, fish or cherry blossoms, the often brightly colored Japanese tattoos have a long, traditional history behind them. The Tebori technique was practiced during the 18th and 19th centuries and is still used today by a few masters of the art as a traditional method.