Did You Know About Mohs Surgery?

Mohs surgery is a surgical technique that is used to treat skin cancer. This technique is also called Mohs micrographic surgery. Your skin is a sensitive organ that can get infected very easily. Every person can get skin cancer which mostly develops from acne scars. It is vital to find a medical check-up if you notice some unusual changes in your skin. Cancer cells develop on your face, neck, eyebrows, and lips. Chevy Chase Mohs surgery specialists are the best in diagnosis, testing, and treating cancerous cells. The below paragraph shows how to prepare for Mohs surgery.

Preparing for Mohs surgery

Every form of treatment needs preparation. However, surgery requires special preparation since there is no room for taking chances. First, visit your doctor for a brief talk where the talk will include questions and answers. This will also help you to become more familiar with Mohs surgery. However, there are other things that you should avoid doing. They include:

  •   Avoid make-up. You should avoid wearing make-up for two weeks before surgery. Make-up can cause excess inflammation and pain. Additionally, the presence of make-up in your skin can cause severe infections after surgery.
  •   Stop taking some medications. There are some medications that may cause excess bleeding during Mohs surgery. Some medication you should avoid includes blood-thinning medication and aspirin. Other medicines can cause healing problems when taken during surgery. These kinds of drugs should be taken under the doctor’s instructions.
  •   Wear loose clothes. On the day of surgery, you are required to wear flexible clothing. Loose clothes allow proper air and blood circulation.
  •   Avoid direct sun rays. Direct sun rays cause sunburns and the multiplication of bacteria. Sun rays may cause severe sunburns that can hinder the surgery.

Mohs surgery procedure

First, local or general anesthesia will be given to create comfort. After a few minutes, your surgeon removes some skin portion on your face using a scalpel. The tissues are then taken to the lab for testing. Testing the presence of cancer in the lab takes some time. During laboratory time, you can get a book or a magazine to pass the time with. You can also have some snacks while waiting for your doctor to return with the results. The surgeon uses a microscope to investigate cancer cells on your tissues. Your doctor removes more tissues making sure they are all tested and diagnosed.

After some pieces are found cancerous, your doctor will know where to continue with the surgery. The surgeon removes all affected tissues leaving the healthy tissues undamaged. According to research, the process of getting rid of the affected tissue happens until your skin is clean and free from cancer.

Mohs surgeons have helped thousands of individuals to live a cancer-free life. However, it is essential to take care of your skin by avoiding those products that can cause the development of cancer cells. Severe skin cancer can result in other health complications. Book an appointment with Ali Hendi MD for skin cancer treatment.