Denture Solutions To Improve Your Looks

Smiling is one of the things we all wish to do, especially in the company of friends and family. However, this may not be possible if you do not have any teeth left in your mouth. Your Hilliard implant dentist has a way to keep you smiling by using quality dentures that last for a long time. With proper dental services, you can choose from implant-supported dentures or have a gum-supported denture depending on the nature of your gums.

What is the importance of dentures?

Dentures are structures that replace your ordinary teeth whenever you have an accident or lose all your teeth through tooth decay. Your dentist will likely use porcelain-based dentures that combine strength and aesthetics to keep you smiling and enjoying the foods you love the most. Additionally, modern-day technological advances ensure that your dentures do not cause any discomforts and have a striking resemblance to your other set of teeth.

Dentures need a firm base, you will benefit from the more improved acrylic bases that offer firm attachment to bite on any hard material you come across.

Which situations can make your doctor opt for implant-supported dentures

Denture placement depends on the nature of your jawbone. Conventional dentistry methods often relied on gum tissue for tooth placement, however, with the advancement today, you can benefit from dental implant-supported bases that offer the best results.

Current implants behave the same way as traditional ones, especially the titanium-based ones. One of the benefits of using titanium is its ability to fuse with the jawbone to offer a sturdy and robust base. You will therefore enjoy any food as you earlier did with your natural teeth in place.

Your oral health determines the type of dentures that will help restore your mouth. A point to note is that your doctor will examine your mouth to come up with the best replacement options. If you have a healthy bone, your doctor can prefer implant-supported dentures. Otherwise, your doctor will make the right call for the best dentures to restore your smile.

Dentures specifically go to the lower jaw, which requires a lot of work during placement. However, you can have working dentures on both the upper and lower jaw.

Why should you have dentures in place?

Dentures have aesthetic values alongside their power to help you eat when you lose most of your teeth. The most critical work of gum-supported dentures in your mouth include:

  • Restoring your ability to eat solid foods
  • Helping with your speech
  • Helping you smile and laugh more

Implant-supported dentures have additional benefits making them a better choice. The benefits include:

  • Increasing stability in your mouth
  • Improving your oral looks
  • Improving the power of your bites

Losing teeth can increase your chances of bone loss. However, with implant-supported bases, you can avoid such a scenario as they merge with the jawbone gradually.

Improve your mouth’s aesthetics with an implant-supported denture or get the best advice to protect your teeth from Innovative Dental Ideas. Enhance your looks by booking an appointment online or calling the center.