Degree in Fine Art – A Degree for the Elite or Not?

For a very long time, a degree in fine arts has been dismissed as a privilege only for the rich however, today the perspective and attitude towards art schools are changing drastically. The stereotype is gradually breaking and more people from general economic backgrounds are pursuing fine art degrees. Gone are the days when the aristocrat only haunted art galleries and scared off the middle-class people from even thinking about them!

Studying fine arts today

In the past, there was a social sigma with fine arts. The society as a whole believed an education in fine arts was only strictly reserved for the rich and wealthy students. Some people also started spreading the rumours that knowledge of the history of arts is a niche subject and only reserved for students who are rich and wealthy. In fact, with the passage of time, this prophecy has become a self-fulfilling one.

The elitist tag on fine arts entered the picture when a number of royals studied it- namely, Prince William, Princess Beatrice and Kate Middleton. This gave people the impression that in order to study fine arts, you need to come from the right background. Moreover, most people in the society believe that the subject is not useful when it comes to graduate employment in the UK and the rest of the world.


Breaking barriers and moving ahead…

The scenario has changed and students of Fine Arts do find employment. They can opt for regular jobs or be happy as self-employed professionals. Both avenues provide them with security and a stable income. With the advent of technology, a large number of artists are in high demand in the media, advertising and graphics industry. They are also needed for computer animation and movies as well.

As a self- employed professional, students have the option to become illustrators, computer animators, photographers or they can open their own art galleries and buy and sell art. In short, a degree in fine arts does not mean you will starve to death and you do not have bright prospects in the arena.

Costs of studying fine arts in the modern times

The fees for fine art courses are the same as regular undergraduate and post- graduate degree courses. You can also find paid art related work while you are studying. This means your economic background will not matter if you have the desire and the passion to study fine arts and embrace it as a full-time career option.

Therefore, if you believe studying fine arts is intended for the elite only, it is time to break the misconception and proceed to make your dreams of becoming an artist come true. There are reputed and popular fine art schools in UK and other parts of the world. The best part of joining a fine arts school is that you get the chance to be creative and original. At the same time, you study in an environment where you can express your imagination to the maximum extent with peers from all four corners of the world under the expert guidance of a talented teacher!